Recover Excel Files with State-of-the-Art Software

excel spreadsheetMicrosoft Excel is one of the most versatile and innovative programs used to import, organize, and explore vast data sets within a spreadsheet. It continues to improve with the introduction of new tools on a regular basis and offers extensive capabilities when it comes to managing data. Businesses of all sizes use it to meet an array of needs and it may very well be one of the most utilized programs.


Unfortunately, like other programs, it is susceptible to an assault of malware or other invasive programs that can corrupt files and damage your personal computer or business network. Before you realize what has happened, your data can be inaccessible and everything can be lost. Not to fret. DataNumen offers a state-of-the-art program for repairing Excel data to nearly total reconstruction.


Make DataNumen Excel repair your first choice to recover lost or damaged files and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Since 2001 we have been designing data recovery software for a wide array of businesses and all of our programs are compatible with the latest operating systems and versions of each particular program.


A few of the benefits that you will realize from our Excel recovery program are:


  • support to fix Excel xls, xlw and xlsx files for most current operating systems

  • repair Excel files on floppy disks, CDROMS, zip Disks and other corrupt media

  • support to restore formulas in Excel files

  • can be used as a computer forensic and an e-discovery tool

  • accommodates drop and drag operations

  • repairs Excel recovery via command line parameters


Even though most programs and operating systems have a shield to fend off such invasions, they are not always able to stop every breach. Our data repair programs provide you with the necessary tools to recover from these malicious attacks effectively and efficiently.


Not only do we offer the best software for recovering Excel files but we back your purchase with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, we offer customer service around the clock, and we even offer demo downloads so that you can see the programs in action.


Just listen to what one of our many satisfied clients said about our Excel Repair:


“DataNumen Excel Repair saved the day and recovered the data I needed from my corrupted file. It is extremely easy to use, it worked very well for my needs, and I highly recommend it!”


E. Madsen

Chief Engineer

PIN Technology Inc.

New York, NY, USA


Repair your Excel files today and rest easy knowing everything isn’t lost.

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