How to Recover Data from a Corrupt MS Access Database after Moving It to a New System

In this article, we look at a realworld situation where data corruption has occurred moving to a new system. We would look at ways to immediately access the data.

One of the most dreaded challenges faced by users of MS Access is the corruption of the database. Database corruption is not something that will occur only under certain situations. It can occur whenever the integrity of the database is at risk. One of the common occasions, when it occurs, is while moving Access databases to a new system. A lot of users get surprised when they find that their database has been corrupted while they were attempting to move it to another system. There are multiple causes as to why this might be happening, a few most probable reasons can be copy or logic errors.Dealing With A Crashed MS Access Database While Moving Data To A New System

Apart from just understanding the cause of the error, it is important for the user to understand the ways of dealing with that error. A few of which we will be explaining in this article.

Solutions to deal with crashed MS Access Database and retrieving data.

The very first thing you need to do when you fear losing the data is to ‘not panic’. As that will make things worse. Dealing with crashed data is not something for which you need to rush to get help from experts, you can easily deal with it yourself by following these simple solutions

Using database backup for recovering databases

It is now time to check if all the money and energy you invested in taking the backups was worth it or not. This is where you need to make use of the backups for recovering the lost data. Make use of the most recent backups available to you.

Delete .ldb file

This is the file that is automatically created by Jet Database engine present in MS Access when you open the database.

Make use of Jet Compact Utility

Jet Compact Utility This has been designed specifically to help users of MS Access rectify all the minor corruption errors that are caused in the database.

Erase the VBA Code present in the database

The combined VBA Code that is contained in the database needs to be removed. You can do this by making use of the command line switch.

Note: The path will have to be changed according to the location of your MSAccess.exe.

Using MS Access Compact and Repair feature

This feature is a built-in feature for MS Access, it can be found in the Database Tools section and is extremely easy to use. This is another reliable solution for dealing with a corrupt accdb file.

Import Corrupted database

The corrupted database needs to be imported to a new Access database so that the data can be accessed. Follow the given steps for importing database.

  1. Open Access and create a new database.
  2. Click on Access and select Import option in External data tab.

Locate the file to be imported

Once you have selected the import option, you need to find the file while it is being imported. To find the file, click on browse. After the file is available you need to select a technique to store data, and select the objects of the database which you want to import.

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