How to Recover Corrupted Excel Files

Nowadays, when we need to make a sheet, Excel will occur to our mind at the first place. While sometimes we may meet some errors due to different reasons, for instance, the excel file is inaccessible.

Microsoft Excel is widely applied spreadsheet software all over the world. It features calculation, data statistics, graphing tools and so on. In these days, both individual and various businesses prefer to use MS Excel to make spreadsheets.

However, sometimes when we deal with complex or large spreadsheets, errors tend to occur frequently. In addition, opening or editing improperly may also make the files inaccessible. Perhaps the worst situation is that hackers or viruses attack your computer or files. Here are a few suggestions when you are confronted with a corrupted excel file.


Repair by MS Excel application

Solving errors directly by MS Excel application is the easiest method. Perhaps there is no evident effect. But it is still an alternative worthy of a try.

(1)Auto Repair 

As we all know, Microsoft Office is designed with a function of auto repair. But in fact, auto repair is more suitable for those files damaged due to windows shutdown or accident power-outage. In this situation, you could restart the computer, and open MS Excel. A warning about auto repair will turn up. At the same time, MS Excel has entered the mode of auto repair, and it will repair excel file automatically. Next time when you restart MS Excel, you will see the damaged excel files listed on the left, including your target corrupted excel file.

(2)Manually Repair 

Firstly, open MS Excel application, and click the “Open” button in the “file” option. After you see a pop-up “Open” Dialog box, you need to find out and pitch on the Excel file to be repaired. Then you can click the “Dropdown” Button beside the “Open” at the bottom right place. You will see the “Open & Repair” option. Next what you need to do is just to wait for MS Excel Application to repair your excel file. Actually sometimes it could not repair the corrupted-severely excel files.

Repair by Third Party Software

To be honest, the above ways by Microsoft Excel is not very effective at times. In some terrible situation, such as viruses attack or change of data structure, using MS Excel to recover excel data will often prove failure. Now that MS Excel could not fix, it is time to use some third party software, such as DataNumen Excel Repair. It specializes in excel fix. Not only it can recover cell data, formulas and other information, but also can it be used as a computer forensic tool.

Firstly, you need to download the software from the DataNumen website and install the program. Then click to run the program. Next you should click on ‘…’ which is right next to the ‘Select Excel file to be repaired’, aiming to select the damaged file for repair. Later select the excel file to be repaired and click on the ‘Open’ option. Finally, click the ‘Start Repair’ and wait for DataNumen Excel Repair to repair the corrupted file. This process is really very quick, not time-consuming.

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