Recover a PST file compromised by a 2GB file limit

A PST file starts giving errors when it goes beyond the 2GB file size limit that has been imposed by Microsoft. This might cause the PST file not to open on Outlook, making the information stored inside it inaccessible. Let us find out how to overcome this error.

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email management client in the enterprise segment. Combined with Microsoft Exchange Server or SharePoint Server, the client allows organisations to manage the information sent via email. All the email files are stored on the server, for the purpose of accessing them later or restore inboxes when Outlook crashes. When the software is being used as an stand alone client, that is, when it is not being run on server, users get to save their Outlook configurations and other personal information on a PST file. A PST file not only saves the settings and personal information, it also stores the emails that have been sent or received by the user. Users are always advised to make adequate back-ups of the PST files for PST recovery in case something bad happens. The file also comes handy when users are migrating from one Outlook client to another or changing their computer systems altogether. It is also a good way to back-up your files and settings on Outlook. Now, coming back to the issue at hand, the 2GB file limit also implies to OST or offline storage files, so be wary. When you try to open a PST file on Microsoft Outlook, it might not open and a the following error message appears : “Errors have been detected in the file <file_path>. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.” Even when you use the Inbox Repair Tool, as advised by Microsoft, to fix the issue, the file still fails to open. The tool fails to repair the file as it has gone beyond the size limit prescribed by Microsoft and has become corrupted. The issue can be resolved by creating truncated copy of the PST file with the tool provided by Microsoft. Users are advised that even if the file gets fixed, it will be impossible to retrieve all the information stored as the file thus created will be of a smaller size. Before starting the PST recovery process, users will have to download a tool provided by the company by going to the following link : Once the tool gets downloaded, extract the 2gb152.exe file to an empty folder. The following will appear in the folder : Msstdfmt.dll, Msvbvm60.dll, Pst2gb.exe, Readme.rtf and Readme.txt. From the extracted programs, select the Pst2gb.exe program and run it. Now, click on the ‘Browse’ button in order to select the oversized PST file that has been giving you problems and then click on ‘OK’ after selecting the file. After that, click on ‘Create’ and then proceed after giving the new file a proper name and location and then click on ‘Save’. This is done to create a truncated or cropped version of the offending PST file. Now, you need to decided on the amount of memory you want to shed from the oversized PST file. Once that is done, run the Inbox Repair Tool on the shortened PST file. If the file opens in Outlook then everything is nice and good. If it does not, delete that file and repeat the above mentioned steps. Now, for PST recovery, users can also use the DataNumen Outlook Repair tool offered by DataNumen.

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