How to Recall Sent Emails in Outlook

When you find that the sent email is not as you expected, you certainly hope that you can recall it. In this article, we will learn how to recall sent emails.

At present, email has nearly replaced traditional hand-writing letters completely. In our daily life, after signing in our email on computer, we can send emails to all people who own email address. Unquestionably, it is more convenient than traditional hand-writing letters.


However, we have to admit that despite email’s convenience, it still has some troubles. For instance, we often ignore the importance of double check before sending emails. Thus after sending, we often find that we’ve made mistakes, such as writing some wrong information in email or sending to another unexpected person. Under this circumstance, we would always regret that we haven’t double checked the sent email. But we still have a method to rescue it. That is recalling sent emails.

Recalling sent emails is a good way, but this function is only effective with a premise that the email have not yet been read by recipients. If the recipients have read this email, recalling sent emails will prove failure. Here are the quick operations about how to recall sent emails in Outlook.

Firstly, you should click the “Sent items” option in Outlook. Then you would be required to double click the sent item which you want to recall. In the page of the sent message, you would see many options under the “Message” Menu. In the right part, there is an “Actions” option. Pitch on it, and then you will see “Recall this message…” Click on it, and then in the pop-up dialog, there are two options. To avoid mistakes, I recommend you to choose “delete unread copies of this message”. Besides, remember to tick the item – “tell me if recall succeeds or fails…”, so that you will get a recipient about the final result. And click “Ok” to complete the action.

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