Real world tips to help you improve the performance of Ms SQL Server

In this article we explore few handy tips designed for DBAs which can help them better improve the performance of their SQL Server implementation.

Tips To Improve The Performance Of Ms SQL ServerMicrosoft SQL server is one of the best database management system software in vogue today; both in terms of features and performance. However there are instances when we need to boost its performance. You can always have a hardware that is advanced enough to enhance the performance of your software, but enhancing the hardware is not always affordable, therefore many companies opt for experienced DBAs, who can manually enhance the performance of SQL server. So here are a few tips for DBAs on how to improve the performance of Ms SQL server and get the best out of the RDBMS:

  1. Use the right means of discovery- It is important for a DBA to know what the problem is, and how to solve it. If a DBA is unable to discover the problem, the software will not work to the best of its capabilities. DBAs often use SQL browsing services to find out the instances of SQL server but express editions do not show instances. Therefore the use of browsers for discovery is not sufficient, it is important to use other means of discovery as well, so that it does not create a problem later on.
  1. Regular checkups for data- It is important to constantly check database for any sort of corruption and ensure that everything is safe, it is important to ensure safety of data before backing it up, backing up corrupt data does not help. Make it a point to check database integrity with DBCC CHECKDB command frequently, almost every day, so that you can be sure that a full backup is available whenever needed.
  1. Database KPIsKnow your SQL Server database KPIs- A DBA is often required to improve and optimize the performance of the SQL server, the tuning of SQL server is done to optimize the performance. Tuning a busy system involves managing a lot of KPIs, for which there are various online guides and products available which will help you find those special metrics that reveal previous diagnostic data.
  1. Audit strategy– DBAs are interested in keeping an eye on everything and trying to audit all transactions without missing out on anything, this kills performance and it is important to understand that though you want to keep an eye on your SQL server, you should not compromise on the amount of work done. Therefore it is important to have an audit strategy to be able to successfully watch over the transactions. It is important to decide what needs to audited and how often, this should often be revisited and changed if required. With this you can audit and also alert if necessary.
  1. Constant change- DBAs today work under a lot of pressure, mainly due to the ever expanding databases, as a mark of expanding businesses. What is certain about this database era is the uncertainty, change is so quick and constant here that sometimes DBA find it difficult to cope up with it. Therefore DBA should also be provided with necessary help and guidelines which they can use to continue improving the performance of SQL server.

Even a highly optimized SQL Server Implementations can become victim of a SQL Crash

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