How to Quickly Use Your Mouse to Move Contents in Your Worksheet

In your worksheet, you will certainly move contents in one cell to another cell. And here we will talk about how to use the mouse to finish this task quickly.

There exist many conditions that you need to move contents. For example, you input the contents into the wrong cell, or you need to move the contents for calculation and so on. In the image below, you can see the column header in cells.An Example for Move Contents

You were intended to input the date into column A. And then you need to change the worksheet and input the name of the sales representative. But the column headers are still in wrong cells. Therefore, you need to move those column headers. Instead of using copy and paste feature in Excel, now you can also use your mouse to quickly move contents.

Use Mouse to Move Contents

Here are the steps of using mouse to move contents in worksheet.

  1. Select the target range in the worksheet. And in this example, we will select range B1:D1. Of course, the range can be either a cell or many non-adjacent cells.
  2. Now move the cursor to the black border outside the range. You will see that the shape of the cursor will change into an arrow.Cursor Shape
  3. In this step, click your mouse and hold.
  4. After that, move your mouse to drag the range into the target position that you need. As you move, you will see the screen tip of the target range. Besides, there will also be the dashed box around this range.Drag
  5. Now release your mouse. Thus, the header will be in the right place.Result

Using mouse to drag the area is very easy to manipulate. You can also have a try in your actual worksheet.

Close the Alert of Overwriting

There exists another condition. If the target cell contains contents, you will see the alert when you move cells. In the image below, you can see that cell A1 contains the content “Date”. And now you need to move other cells. You will see this alert.Alert

This alert will ask you whether you want to replace the contents. If you still need to move cells, you can click “OK” in this window. On the other hand, you can click “Cancel” and do some other manipulations.

However, this alert will be very annoying if you need to move cells constantly. Thus, you can follow the steps below and close the alert.

  1. Click the tab “File” in the ribbon.
  2. And then click the button “Options”. Thus, you will open the “Excel Options” window.Click File and Click Options
  3. In this “Excel options” window, click the option “Advanced” on the left.
  4. And then uncheck the option “Alert before overwriting cells”.Uncheck Option
  5. After that, click the button “OK” in the bottom.

And the next time when a designated cell contains content, this alert will not pop up again. The old contents will be deleted directly. When you still need to use this feature, you can also check the option in the “Excel options” window.

Disable the Drag Feature

However, sometimes you will move contents by accidents. And this will cause inconvenience to your work. Thus, you can also disable this feature in Excel.

  1. Repeat the step 1 and 2 in the previous part and open the “Excel Options” window.
  2. Now still click “Advanced”.
  3. And then uncheck the option of “Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop”.Disable
  4. After that, click “OK” to confirm your setting.

Now if you move your cursor to the border of a selected range, the shape will not change. Therefore, you are not able to drag the range to other places. What’s more, when you uncheck the option, the fill handle will also be invalid. Hence, you need to set the feature according to your actual need.

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