How to Quickly Subtotal Values in Excel

Excel is very powerful in calculating values in certain conditions. And the function of subtotal is also very useful. Now let’s see how this feature works.

You will certainly need to calculate the total number of some values. And most of the time, the numbers need to meet with certain requirement. For example, you need to calculate a sales representative’s sales quantity, or you need to calculate the sales volume of a certain product.An Example of Subtotal

If the worksheet is in a mess, you will certainly need to spend a lot of time and energy. Thus, the subtotal feature can be a good helper.

Subtotal Employee Sales Volume

Now here are the steps of how to use the subtotal to calculate the values.

  1. Select any of the cells in the target area. Or you can also select the whole area.
  2. Click the “Data” tab in the ribbon.
  3. Then click the “Subtotal” button in the ribbon.Click Subtotal

And you will see a new window pop up.

  1. In this window, you can choose the table that you want to add the value.The Window of Subtotal
  1. Now click “OK”. And then the Excel will automatically add the numbers of each person.The Result of Subtotal

Subtotal Product Sales Volume

If you want to calculate the sales volume of products and you use the function directly, you will see this result:A Mess Result

Thus, before you use this feature, you should have a bit more settings.

  1. Select the column that has the product names.
  2. Click the small arrow under “Sort & Filter” button in the ribbon.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click the option “Sort A to Z”. Or you can also choose the second option.Sort A to Z
  4. Then in the warning window, choose “Expand the Selection”.Expand Selection
  5. Now you can click the button “Sort”.
  6. Repeat the previous part and in the options you should choose “Product”. Thus, the result will be as you wish.Calculate according to Product

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