How to Quickly Send a Document as an Email in Your Word

Apart from sending a Word document as an Outlook email attachment, we can also send it just as an email. This article will introduce the detailed steps.

For some important emails, such as emails to vital clients, I prefer to write the message body in a word document at first. And then copy it to the real email. But recently, I learn a new way which allows me to send the word document as email body without copying and pasting. Here are the elaborate operations.

Send a Document as an Email in Your Word

  1. At the very outset, you should find the source word document in Windows Explorer. Double click the document to open it in MS Word.
  2. After that, you should proceed to enable a hidden feature in MS Word. Go to “File” menu and select “Options”.
  3. Then a new dialog box of “Word Options” will pop up. Firstly you should shift to “Quick Access Toolbar” tab.
  4. In the right pane, you ought to follow the steps below:
  • In the first place, you should click on the down arrow under “Choose commands from”, and select “All Commands” from the drop down list”.
  • Then in the available command lists below, you need to pull the scrolling bar until you find “Send to Mail Recipient” command.
  • Next click the “Add” button in center.
  • After that, optionally you can press “Move up” or “Move down” button aside to change its locating order.
  • And lastly, click “OK” button to show the command in Quick Access Toolbar.Enable "Send to Mail Recipient" Feature in Word
  1. Now you ought to return to the document interface. Click on the “Send to Mail Recipient” icon in Quick Access Toolbar. You will see a new ribbon will show up as the screenshot below.Send a copy
  2. Next you could fill in the available common fields for an email, such as the sender, recipient. You will see that the subject is the same as the title of the word document by default. You can also change it at will.
  3. After finishing the above steps, you can press “Send a copy” button straightly.
  4. Finally open your Outlook application now. You will see that an email is in Outbox folder. Double click to open it. You will discover that the word document is inserted as the message body.Send a Document as an Email in Your Word

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