How to Quickly Find and Remove Duplicated Emails in Outlook

Have you ever received several duplicated emails in Outlook? The duplicated emails will clutter up your mailbox. Now this article will help you quickly find and remove the duplicated emails.

At times, for some reasons, such as the server hang-up, you may receive or send out some duplicated emails in your Outlook. It is believed that you must dislike saving them in your mailbox in that accumulating duplicated emails will mess up your mailbox. It will be difficult for you to distinguish your emails. Therefore, you will desire to remove the duplicated emails. Without any doubts, looking up and deleting one by one is rather time-consuming. So here we will teach you a much quicker method.

Find and Remove Duplicated Emails

  1. At the very outset, launch Outlook application and open a email folder where you want to search for duplicated emails
  2. Then you need to turn off the reading pane. Switch to “View” tab and click on “Reading Pane” button. From its drop down list, you should select “Off”.Turn off the Reading Pane

Or you should change the current view to “Single” view. Click “Change View” button and select “Single”.

Change to Single View

  1. Next you should click “View Settings” button under the “View” tab. A new popup dialog box will show up, in which you ought to hit “Sort” button,
  2. Subsequently, you will be required to change the sort in the email list.
  • Firstly, select “Subject” in “Sort items by” field.
  • In the first “Then by”, you should pick out “Received” from the drop down list.
  • In the second “Then by”, opt for “From” field.
  • And elect “Attachment” in the last “Then by” box.
  • Lastly click several “OK” until all the dialog boxes are closed.Change Sort
  1. After returning to the email list, you need click on the “From” column header, which will make Outlook to group the current emails by “From”. In this case, you will find it easy to figure out the duplicated emails.
  2. Later you can press “Ctrl” button and meanwhile select the duplicated emails one by one.
  3. Finally directly press “Delete” key button to remove them. Or if you want to remove them permanently, press “Shit + Delete” in the meantime.Remove Duplicated Emails via Sorting

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