How to Quickly Find the Contacts without a Photo in Your Outlook

Outlook doesn’t provide search filters that can support users to find the contacts that don’t have photo. Thus, if you wish to quickly search out the contacts without a photo, you can use the method shared in this article.

Some users would like to quickly find out all the contacts that don’t contain photo. Yet, by default, Outlook doesn’t offer such a native search filter. Hence, you have to create such a filter in the first place. You could use the piece of VBA code below to achieve it. Then you can alter “View Settings” filter to find the contacts without a photo. Now, we will introduce the detailed steps to you.

Quickly Find the Contacts without a Photo in Your Outlook

Find the Contacts without a Photo

  1. To begin with, launch your Outlook application.
  2. Then, access Outlook VBA editor with reference to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook”.
  3. Next, you need to copy and paste the following VBA code into a module.
Sub CheckIfContactHasPhotoOrNot()
    Dim objContactsFolder As Outlook.Folder
    Dim i As Long
    Dim objContact As Outlook.ContactItem
    Dim objAttachments As Outlook.Attachments
    Dim objAttachment As Outlook.Attachment
    'Get the Contacts folder
    Set objContactsFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)
    'Process All Contact Items
    For i = objContactsFolder.Items.Count To 1 Step -1
        If TypeOf objContactsFolder.Items(i) Is ContactItem Then
           Set objContact = objContactsFolder.Items(i)
           Set objAttachments = objContact.Attachments
           For Each objAttachment In objAttachments
               If InStr(LCase(objAttachment.FileName), "contactpicture.jpg") > 0 Then
                  'Write the "Has Photo" info to Contact User 1 Field
                  objContact.User1 = "Has Photo"
               End If
        End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Find the Contacts without a Photo

  1. Subsequently, you can run this macro. Just tap on the “F5” key button in the current module screen.
  2. When the macro completes, you can go to the default Contacts folder in your Outlook.
  3. Next, switch to “View” tab and click on “View Settings” button.
  4. In the popup dialog box, click on “Filter” button.
  5. Then, in another new dialog, switch to “Advanced” tab.
  6. Later, specify the following search filter.
  • Click “Fields” button.
  • Then, in the popup list, select “Miscellaneous fields” > “User Field 1”.
  • Next, in the “Condition” field, choose “is empty”.Specify Search Filter
  • After that, click “Add to List”.
  • Lastly, click a series of “OK” to activate the view settings.
  1. After that, you can return to the Contacts folder pane. You’ll see that only the contacts that don’t have photo exist.Only Contacts without Photo Left
  2. To get back the contacts that have photo, you can click “Reset View” button in the ribbon.Reset View

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