How to Quickly Back up All Folders in “Favorites” Section to a New Outlook PST File

Perhaps you have added multiple folders which are important and frequently used to the “Favorites” section in Outlook. Now, if you want to back up all folders in this section, you can use the means shared in this post.

Generally, in Outlook, so as to quickly access the significant and frequently needed mail folders, users can add them to the “Favorites” section. In this way, it can help users escape from locating and browsing to the folders among too many folders. It is pretty convenient. Moreover, due to the importance of the folders in “Favorites” section, many users are eager to finding a method which can rapidly back up them to a new Outlook PST file. At present, we will focus on this to share a quick solution.

Back up All Folders in “Favorites” Section to a New Outlook PST File

  1. For a start, go to Outlook VBA editor by reading “How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook“.
  2. Then, copy the following VBA code into an unused module.
Sub BackUpFavorites()
    Dim strNewOutlookFile As String
    Dim objNewOutlookFile As Object
    Dim objNavigationPane As Outlook.NavigationPane
    Dim objNavigationModule As Outlook.NavigationModule
    Dim objNavigationGroup As Outlook.NavigationGroup
    Dim objNavigationFolder As Outlook.NavigationFolder
    Dim objFolder As Outlook.Folder
    'Create a new Outlook file for backup
    strNewOutlookFile = "E:\Backups\Favorites Backup" & " (" & Format(Date, "yyyy-mm-dd") & ").pst"
    Outlook.Application.Session.AddStoreEx strNewOutlookFile, olStoreUnicode
    Set objNewOutlookFile = Session.Folders.GetLast()
    'Get the Favorites
    Set objNavigationPane = Application.ActiveExplorer.NavigationPane
    Set objNavigationModule = objNavigationPane.Modules.GetNavigationModule(olModuleMail)
    Set objNavigationGroup = objNavigationModule.NavigationGroups.GetDefaultNavigationGroup(olFavoriteFoldersGroup)
    If objNavigationGroup.NavigationFolders.Count > 0 Then
       On Error Resume Next
       'Copy each folder in Favorites to the new file
       For Each objNavigationFolder In objNavigationGroup.NavigationFolders
           Set objFolder = objNavigationFolder.Folder
           objFolder.CopyTo objNewOutlookFile
       MsgBox "Complete!", vbInformation + vbOKOnly
    End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Back up All Folders in "Favorites" Section to a New Outlook PST File

  1. Afterwards, press “F5” to run this macro at once.
  2. When you get the prompt “Complete”, you can go back to the mail navigation pane."Complete" Message
  3. You will discover a new Outlook data file. It contains all the folders in the “Favorites” section, as shown in the following figure.Back up Favorites to New Outlook PST File

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