How to Quickly Access the Frequently Used Search Queries

If you constantly utilize the same search queries when searching items in Outlook, you can utilize the following methods introduced in this article to rapidly access the queries.

My mailbox contains a great amount of emails. It is extremely difficult to search out my target emails. Thus I often use Outlook Search Tools. But I’m considerably averse to entering the repeating search queries. Here are my solutions。

Utilize Outlook Recent Searches

Outlook provides us with a useful and handy feature in Instant Search Tools, which is called “Recent Searches”. It can offer the recent 10 searches.

  1. At first, you need to open search tool by clicking the search box or utilizing a hotkey, namely “Ctrl + E”. Then the Search tab will turn up immediately.
  2. You can locate the “Recent Searches” button in “Options” group.Recent Searches
  3. Click it, and the recent searches will appear in the popup list. There are chances that the frequently used search queries are included as well.

To quickly access “Recent Searches” without needs to open Search Tools firstly, you can add it to QAT. Just right click on the “Recent Searches” button and select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”.Add Recent Searches to Quick Access Tool

Add More Fields to Search Form

If you frequently utilize various fields and filters to search the target items, you can also directly add the often used fields to search form.

  1. Press “Ctrl + E” hotkey to bring out “Search Tools”.
  2. On “Search” tab, click “More” button in the group of “Refine”.Add More Fields to Search Form
  3. From the dropdown list, you can add the preferred search fields.

When you close the search tool, these fields will vanish automatically. But the next time when you click the search box, the added fields will arise at the same time.

Customize a Search Folder with Frequently Used Search Queries

Apart from the above two methods pertaining to Search Tools, actually you can customize a Search Folder to realize the recycle of the same search queries.

  1. Right click “Search Folders” folder in navigation pane and select “New Search Folder” from the popup list.
  2. Then in the popup dialog box, you can scroll to the bottom and select “create a custom search folder”. And click “Choose” button and assign a name to the search folder.
  3. Next click “Criteria” button, and then a new dialog box will arise.Customize a Search Folder with Frequently Used Search Queries
  4. In this dialog, you can add all kinds of search queries to the folder, such as specific words, senders, recipients, categories, flagged status and other advanced criteria, etc.
  5. Finally click a series of “OK”. You can discover that all items that meet the criteria will be copied to the folder.

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