Quick tips to Work with Tasks in Ms Outlook

As our work schedules become more hectic, the need to imagesstreamline the way we approach our work comes into sharp focus. Now if you happen to use the Outlook email client on a regular basis then you can easily track all the activities that you have planned with the use of Tasks. The application allows you to create and monitor a specific task and even generate reminders. You can create a task to reoccur at periodic intervals say on a daily basis. Now if you wish to focus on specific task then you can flag it for easy recognition. In this article we will look at creating Tasks and using them effectively.


  • Create a New Task

The process of creating tasks is more or less similar in most Outlook iterations. To start with you need to click on Go in the top menu bar and then click on Tasks. Once the Task section comes into view, click on the New button to create a new task. On the task screen you can start with placing the Subject of the task and then enter the Start and Due date. You can also set a priority for the tasks and mark it as High if its merits a top priority. In main body of the task, you can jot down the details of the tasks that need to be finished. Next you can mark the Task to specific category and if needed can make it private.

The Outlook mail client allows you to assign the particular task to a specific individual and thus assign ownership. The feature can be used to set reminders about the task and further the task can be made to reoccur on a periodic basis. Once you have created a task it appears in Task pane by subject and there is small checkbox next to it which you can mark when you complete the task. When the due date for a task is reached and it has still not been completed, it appears in the Red.

You can view the tasks according to their ownership or by category. Further tasks can be shared between people to allow collaboration within a team. One of most interesting feature that Outlook presents here is the task timeline which depicts the duration of a task through line bars on a calendar. In fact with a lit bit of imagination you can use this feature as an effective project tracking tool and even involve multiple stakeholders.


  • Errors in PST files can put your Tasks at risk

The Outlook email client offers a comprehensive solution for managing several activities in form of Tasks and many professionals use this facility to manage several projects. However if the underlying PST file of the Outlook application gets compromised, the data stored in the Tasks would come at risk. In such a scenario you should run a powerful repair outlook tool like the DataNumen Outlook Repair to get back your data. Apart from helping you extract contents stored in your emails it can also get back your contacts and schedules while maintaining the integrity of data.


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