Quick tips to Work neatly with Notes in Ms Outlook

Notes in Outlook can be used to achieve much more than jot down few lines. We will explore the Notes feature in detail in this article.

Quick tips to Work neatly with Notes in Ms Outlook
Are you one of those people, who have a habit of always carry a notebook or diary to jot down notes in their day to day life? Well, then you can simplify your life now by using the MS Outlook Notes Feature. Microsoft did a smart move by adding this useful feature in Outlook to enable you to record and note important information that you get in your mailbox or anything that comes in your mind. You no longer need to keep a pen or paper handy to note anything, as MS Outlook Notes will do it for you on your PC, Laptop or Tablet. Read on to know in depth about the Notes Feature of Outlook.
The best thing worth mentioning about MS Notes is that it the easiest to access feature of Outlook. In fact, it is the only feature in Outlook that can be created without using a usual dialog box full of toolbars or menus. The only sad thing about Notes is that you can’t name because no name appears for the notes that you create.
Now, if you are eager to learn the way of creating notes in Outlook, then here are some easy steps to be followed. First of all, you need to press Ctrl 5 that will straight away take you to the Notes feature in Outlook. Secondly, you will have to choose the New Option or simply press Ctrl N to create a new note for yourself and after this a blank Note box will appear in front of you on the screen. Third steps involves you to type the things you want to mention in your new note and then will have to choose the Note icon that appears in the upper left corner. Finally, you need to choose the Close option or simply press Alt F4 to save your note in Outlook. A useful tip worth mentioning here is that by pressing Ctrl Shift N you can create a new note quickly.
Outlook also allows you to easily move or even copy Notes to other folders or even in Calendar. For this, you just need to move down in the Dropdown Menu that appears in the Ribbon on the top and choose the option to Copy or Move it to any other location. After this, you will have to choose the Location like Calendar, where you want to move it and press on Ok. Moreover, you can also delete a note with utmost ease. Just go to the Notes option or press Ctrl 5 and then choose the Title of the Note that you wish to delete or remove from Outlook and finally, select the Edit or Delete option.
Your Entire Repository of Notes can vanish in case of an Outlook crash
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