Quick tips to recover a corrupted SQL Server Database – A Primer

The very thought of a corrupted FP9WMBNHRWNANRC.MEDIUMdatabase can give nightmares to database administrators who are entrusted with the critical task of managing valuable business data. There may be several reasons including firmware compatibility issues that can lead to a SQL server crash. Moreover the application is known to be vulnerable to antivirus scans which may interfere with its workings. Given the chances of data corruption, most SQL server administrators in large organizations tend to keep an adequate backup of their records and put in place recovery processes which kick in case of a database crash. However small and medium businesses often do not have the skilled manpower to negotiate through such situations and it at times up to the solitary IT guy or the small technical team to recover the lost data. Now in case your organization runs the SQL server database then you retain a good chance of getting back your data by following suggestions mentioned below.


Hard booting the Windows Server machine and Restarting SQL Server application

To start with, close all instances of the SQL Server application running on your network and then just reboot the Windows server machine. Once that happens, you can then start the SQL Server application and restore the necessary dependencies. If the error was located in a temporary page memory then the issue would most likely get resolved with a reboot. In some cases a reboot would also free up the I/O subsystem and thus get the SQL server back on track


Performing a complete database restore

If restarting database did not help then you should consider performing a complete database restore. You also consider using a log based recovery but its success rate is typically low in case of acute SQL corruption. You would essentially have two option to options under the full recovery mode. You can either choose to recover the database to point of failure or reach a point which has been marked in the log backups. In case you have any difficulty in completing the process you do have option to visit Microsoft support site or call its technical support team.


Using a Specialize recovery tool to perform a database file recovery

In case a complete database recovery did not meet your requirements or in case you did not retain up to date backups, then you should probably consider using a specialized recovery tool to perform a sql recovery. Now if you are looking at user friendly tool then the DataNumen SQL Repair should be your first choice as it gives you the flexibility to extract data from extensively corrupted SQL files without breaking a sweat. Moreover it is equally effectively while digging out data from backup optical or magnetic media. Even if the SQL main database files have got comprised, this remarkable software can still recover the ingrained data while maintaining the consistency. It can help you get back records that you may have accidentally deleted from the database and the application even encompasses the capacity to negotiate sparse columns.


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