Quick tips to optimize your corporate applications for SQL Server

In the software arena, the way applications arediagram_database_solutions designed is often linked to the end objective. However in case of many corporate application including legacy ones, old applications end up getting recreated for new system and databases without considering their salient points. Today a large number of companies run applications that use the SQL Server backend and some of them were not designed while keeping the best performance aspects in mind. So an increase in the number of transactions expected from the system can lead to sluggish response and bottlenecks. In this article we would look at certain relevant tips that can help you optimize your corporate application running on the SQL Server backend.


  • Introduce Data Caching in your Business application

If your corporate application is a recreation of an older legacy application then it is quite possible that it has kept all the processing load on the SQL Server. In older days dumb terminals with limited processing power were found in offices and powerful desktops were very costly to procure. However today most companies have top end desktops and this fact can be used to your advantage. By simply enabling data caching feature in the business application, you can quickly take off load from the SQL server database and optimize your corporate application by a great extent.


  • Using Microsoft Native Ole driver

Many corporate applications typically stick to the standard software design norms and select the ODBC driver for connecting with the database. However one must note that the Microsoft OLE DB native driver is much quicker and can significantly improve the response time for database queries.


  • Consider the use of Stored Procedures

If you are looking to enhance the security aspects related to corporate application and are also looking to reduce the network traffic then stored procedures can be a great way to achieve the same.  By setting the rights for users to run stored procedures you can avoid loaded text based queries from repeatedly making their way across the network to the SQL Server database.


  • Optimize the way in which your application draws data from the database

In many applications when you run a query a whole set of records are displayed in one go. This increases the possibility of clogging and can be easily avoided by using SQL cursors which would allow the user to navigate to desire data row as per his or her need.


  • What if your Corporate SQL Server database fails

In some case even a properly managed SQL Server database can crash and at times you may not have an up to date backup. In such case only a proficient sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL repair can bring you out from the mess. Owing to its class leading algorithm, the powerful utility can recover data from extensive compromised sql files without much ado. Further it has the potential to recover files from nearly any media and is uniquely suitable for recovering NDF files.


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