Quick tips to Open Zip files on Mac Machines and iOS powered devices

Apple has long walked its own illustrious path, introducing one ground breaking product after another. Its operating systems and programs have always followed a different architecture than Windows and host of very common Ms Windows application do not work on Mac systems. Amongst them zip files too used to figure in the list notable absentees in the Mac ecosystem. Macintosh machines used to come with their own archive feature and zip was not supported. Now thanks to WinZip App for iOS your zip files can be seamlessly opened on a Mac machine.


Working with zip files on iOS devices

Opening zip files on Mac desktop systems is quite easy and can be performed by nearly any user. However when you are using a touch enabled iOS device like iPhone, you need to pay attention to its specific steps for tackling zip files. Let’s look at the some of the scenarios that you may experience.

In case you receive the zip file as an attachment via email then you just need to tap on the Open with WinZip option and follow the onscreen instructions. You will find a list of enclosed documents and you can choose to extract one or all of them as per your choice. The application allows you to directly zip archives and email them from within its interface.

When it comes to viewing your images stored in a zip archive, the app offers you the album option wherein you can view thumbnails of the images before deciding to unzip them. It thus saves a considerable amount of your time as you can avoid unnecessary work of unzipping albums that you do not want to access. The application allows you a set of well thought out options when it comes to sharing albums. Once you extract an image file from a zip drive you can directly share it via email on even post it on social sites like Twitter and Facebook directly from the app.

The app also allows you to choose the compression method as per your need. In case you wish to save maximum space then you can opt to exercise the best compression method which offers a substantially higher compression ratio than other options.

Dealing with corrupt zip files on Mac

In case you have a corrupt zip archive on an Apple device, the best way forward would be to copy the file onto a Windows machine. Once you have the corrupted file on a PC, you can just procure a top of the line zip repair tool like DataNumen Zip Repair and extract the contents of archive. Once the recovered files are created by the application, you can choose to transfer the files onto a Mac machine. The DataNumen Zip Repair application is capable of bringing out the contents from an extensively corrupted archive and is an ideal tool for batch recovery.

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