Quick tips to keep your Auto Complete list in shape

The Auto Complete list in Outlook needs to be kept in shape by performing periodic housekeeping tasks on it.

Quick tips to keep your Auto Complete list in shape

Have you ever noticed that as you start typing an Email ID or Name in the To or CC or BCC Field in MS Outlook, you get a list of suggestions of email addresses and contacts automatically. Usually, these suggestions match to what you are typing. With a number of other important official works in mind it becomes difficult at times to type in each email ID, so the best way out is to use the Auto Complete Feature of MS Outlook. Read on to learn in depth about this amazing Auto Complete Feature of Outlook in this article.

However, the biggest problem or rather say the most frustrating problem that occurs when these automatic suggestions appear while typing an email ID in the To Field is that even the old and not working email IDs of your contacts also keep appearing in them. Moreover, if by mistake you chose the wrong email ID and send the email, then Outlook saves that ID and every time that ID is shown in the suggestions when a single character matches it.

You are free to Delete the Auto Complete List any moment of time. However, bear in mind that once you delete it you can’t restore it back in future. In order to delete the whole list, you first need to go to the File Tab and pick the Options and choose the Mail Option under it. After this, simply select the Send Messages and choose the Empty Auto Complete List. Once this is done, Outlook will empty all your email IDs. In case, you wish to delete a single entry and not the whole list, then you have the freedom to do that too. In fact, it’s very easy to delete single items from the list than deleting the whole list at once. For instance, if you have wrongly typed an email ID, then you need to go to the TO Field and see the whole list and using the arrow keys pick a particular email ID and finally click on the Delete Option.

Another thing worth mentioning in respect to Auto Complete Feature is that you can easily copy it to any another computer. For instance, if you got a new upgraded system and don’t wish to lose your important email IDs saved in the Auto Complete List of your old computer, then you first need to completely exit MS Outlook. After this, on your old computer choose the drive that contains the Microsoft Outlook. Then, go to the Start Button and choose the Control Panel and pick Appearance & Personalization. Next open the Folder Options and go to the View Tab and select Advanced Settings below Files & Folders Option. Go to the Hidden Files & Folders and pick the Show Hidden Files & Folders. Next just right click the profile name and select Copy Option and copy it in the new computer in the drive where Microsoft Outlook is saved.

Containing the damage associate with an Outlook crash requires foresight

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