Quick tips to extract multiple Zip files from a damaged pen drive

Computers today have become the backbone of our economy and we tend to use them everywhere. It is quite possible that you work on a different machine at your office while you use your own laptop for personal work at home. Even in your home, there is chance that there are other systems for your family members. Given this proliferation of machines, you often need the help of pen drives (also known as USB flash drives) for transferring data from one machine to another.

Pen drives give you the convenience to store a large amount of data and keep the same in your pocket all the time. It is quite possible that you keep your important files including presentations, study material etc in your pen drive for quick access. Also many of these files are typically kept in the zip archive format. However like all storage media, flash drives too are prone to data corruption , media damage and virus infections. In such a scenario recovering your important zip files becomes a key issue. Let’s look at how you can get back you zip files from a damaged flash drive.

bulk zip files

To start with you need to check whether you can access the zip file through your computer. If the zip drive does show up in your machine, you need quickly copy the zip files present in your drive to your system. In case you are unable to view any files on your pen drive, it is quite possible that they have got hidden due to a possible virus infection or logical error. In such a scenario you can simply enter the DOS mode of your windows machine and use the ‘attrib’ command to reinstate the hidden files. Once you have corrupted zip files on your system you can then look to get hold of an effective zip repair tool to quickly recover your important data.

One of the best bulk zip recovery tools that you can find on the internet today is the powerful DataNumen Zip Repair application. It offers you the capacity to recover your damaged zip files directly of your pen drive given the fact that the application is capable of recovering zip files from different media types. Now it also allows you to recover all your zip files in one go. Moreover it even allows you to recover encrypted zip files along with spanned zip files in the same process thereby saving considerable amount of your time. The application sports a neat user interface and is quite easy to use. In other words given its intuitive interface even an average computer user can utilize this remarkable utility to recover their damaged zip files in quick time.


Author Introduction:

Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including zip repair and rar repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com .



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