Quick tips to exploit the Contacts Feature in Outlook for improving Outreach efforts

The Contacts feature is Outlook can be effectively used to store a plethora of data and track outreach activities for specific contacts.

Quick tips to exploit the Contacts Feature in Outlook for improving Outreach efforts

Most of us are aware of the fact that Ms Outlook is much more than a simple email client and it can be effectively used for improving our outreach efforts. In this article we will look at the Contacts feature which is extremely useful for a variety of reasons. To begin with, press Ctrl + N to open up a New Contact in Outlook. In the Contact Window there are five major tabs, namely General, Details, Activities, Certificates and the last being All Fields. The Activity tab is the key point where one needs to start.

Keep a bird’s eye on all communication with a contact through the Activities tab

When you open the Activity tab, you get to see all communication that has taken place with a specific contact. Details of all emails sent and received from the specific contact come up at a single place. Moreover you can also view any Instant messenger communication or phone calls that you have made through the Outlook interface with the contact. If you have marked a Note with the specific contact, that too will show up in the activity tab.

Use the Follow up option to track actionable items on important contacts

In the top ribbon of the Contacts window, you get the red flag follow up icon to mark the contact for an action at a later date. Once you click on it, you get the choice to Flag a Follow up, or schedule a meeting, send email or letter at a due by date. You can even specify a time and mark the follow up action as complete when the action has been taken.

Elements in Contacts feature that you should utilize

The Contacts feature contains several elements that you can utilize to your benefit. To start with you can add a Category to a contact to classify it as per your need. Next you should enter its IM address to initiate chats right out of the Outlook window. Using the Certificates tab, you can add a Digital ID to a contact for secure communication. Once the Digital ID is in place you can send encrypted messages to a contact which are nigh impossible to compromise.

Your Outreach efforts can suffer a huge setback if you lose your precious Outlook contacts in a deliberating PST crash

Imagine a scenario where your Outlook application has crashed and you have no access to your contacts and emails. In many cases all details about a contact including phone numbers and Skype may only be available in Outlook contacts. To emerge unscathed from such a scenario would require you to procure a sophisticated PST recovery tool like the DataNumen Outlook Repair application. Designed to extract all data contained in Outlook, it can obtain all your contacts data in perfect order. Moreover the tool is not limited by the storage medium of the PST file and can even work on a Nero image file.

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