Quick Tips to Deal with a Security Certificate Error in Outlook

The Outlook6012.outlook-issue.png-550x0 email client is widely used in homes today and people also tend to use it with web based mail platforms. Now when you try to retrieve or send emails via Outlook, you may encounter a security certificate related error message. Typically the message may mention that the server you are trying to connect with is using a certificate that the application cannot verify. It also gives you the option to view the certificate and either continue using the server or disconnect. Now there are several issues which can cause this anomaly which we have discussed below.


Check whether you are connecting using SSL and view the certificate

The issue is typically noticed when you are attempting to connect through SSL. If you get the error, just click on the view certificate message and check whether it matches with the server name details mentioned in the Outlook POP3/server settings. More specifically you need to match the issued name present in the certificate. You can change your server settings in Outlook to reflect the correct name.


Certificate shows multiple server names

Though a very rare occurrence, sometimes the certificate displayed by your mail server may contain several names. Now if you are technically proficient user, you can try going into the details tab and check for an alternative name and try out the present options. However if you are novice user, you should immediately contact your ISP for support and ask them for the correct details to be placed in your server settings.



Small Business Owners Using Outlook Should Consider a Proper Backup and Recovery Plan

In many small businesses the Outlook application is used in isolation by different users and there is no Ms Exchange in place. Now in case of an Outlook crash in an individual machine or a virus attack that affects a bunch of your PCs, the data stored in your email clients can come at risk. Hence small business owners need to have a set data backup and recovery plan in place. Ideally a weekly backup of your Outlook data must be kept in a removable media. Moreover to deal with a contingency, one should get the best pst recovery tool in vogue today; the venerable DataNumen Outlook Repair application.

Designed with an eye on recovering Outlook emails in the quickest possible time, the application can match its prowess against most thoroughly compromised PST files that it encounters.  The tool also comes handy in recovering items including emails that you may have deleted by mistake. If that was not all, the capacity of the application to handle different storage media types can prove rather useful in a small business environment where a varied media type maybe used to store PST files.


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