Quick Tips To Correct Database Format mdb errors

MDB is the format which is used in Microsoft Access database application and it is where tables, queries, fields, data entry forms and reports are being stored. The .mdb files stores data in continuous pages and within a certain fixed size. The .mdb files are sometimes prone to corruption which may lead to loss of data. Whenever the files get corrupted it is necessary to repair MDB with proper tools to recover all the lost data.

MDB file plays a pivotal role in the functioning of Microsoft Access by storing and dispersing all the important information like tables, forms, macros, reports, queries and modules. Microsoft Access has become one of the most used database application in the world. The first page in the .mdb file is known as the database definition page, and it holds the most important definition in the database. If the structure of the page gets damaged or corrupt, Access will not be able to read the data and will show an error.

There are various reasons why an .mdb file may go corrupt; it may happen due to various internal and external factors. Internal factors may include improper handling of hardware items like network interface cards, routers and hubs while the database is open. Also, if the database is simultaneously shared by two or more person at one time the information stored in the MDB file may go corrupt. The database may also go corrupt if Access application is not closed properly or if the .mdb file is opened or saved in a different programme. However, the most important reason for the database file to go corrupt is over sizing. It is therefore recommended that you delete unwanted files on a regular basis or else the file will go corrupt and you may have to repair MDB with specialized tools.

The database file may also go corrupt due to external factors like infection from viruses, spyware and malware. It is therefore necessary to regularly run anti-virus and anti-spyware applications.

Whenever an MDB file gets corrupted it will show certain types of error when you try to open up an object. The most common type of error that you will encounter in such a scenario is:

Unrecognized database format ‘filename.mdb’

Whenever such an error occurs while opening the database file you can be sure of that the .mdb file went corrupt. If such a thing happens you will be unable to access any information related to your work. However, there’s no need to panic as there are many options available to help you recover your damaged files. You can use the free inbuilt “Compact and Repair” utility to repair MDB file in your database.

To use the “Compact and Repair” tool you must first go to ‘Tools’ menu and then click on ‘Compact and Repair Database’ which is available in ‘Database Utilites.’ After this step you need to specify the Access file that you want to compact and then click on ‘Compact.’ You need to enter a new name and choose the folder and drive where you want to save your recovered file and then click ‘Save.’

After repairing the database look for all the files you expected to be recovered. If the said files are not there then it is beyond the capacity of “Compact and Repair” tool to recover the files and you may require the help of external third party software like “DataNumen Access Repair” which is quite effective in recovering data with ease.

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