Quick Tips to Break Up a Large Outlook PST file

The Outlook splitapplication has been in vogue for quite some time now and over the years several iterations of the mail client has been released. Irrespective of the version of Outlook you are using, breaking a large PST file into small parts can always help you improve the response time of the Outlook application. Also in many older iterations of Outlook, the need to break up a large PST file is pretty much required in order to avoid an Outlook crash. Let’s look at two distinct ways in which you can break up a large PST file.


Run the Archive feature in Outlook to break off a large PST file

  1. Start the Ms Outlook client and click on the Archive feature which appears typically under the Cleanup Tool Options in the File menu
  2. Next you need to choose the option to select a file or folder to Archive
  3. If you are looking breakup the primary Outlook PST file, you need to choose the topmost folder which contains all other folders.
  4. Next you need to alter settings so that Archive can differentiate items as per their data. Opt to place a date of your liking under the heading that mentions Archive items that are older than.
  5. Now choose a location to save the Output file on your computer
  6. Once done click on OK to complete the process

There are several key points that you need to know about the Archive process. Just archiving the emails will not necessarily reduce the size of the original PST file, though emails were moved from it. The free space there can be extracted with the help of Compact database feature. To do so, head to the File tab and then click on Data File Management, which will open a new screen for you. Now open the original PST file and right click on it. From the available options click on Compact Now and click on Ok to complete the process.


Use a Specialized tool to breakup the large PST file with ease.

While the Archive feature is quite handy for experienced users, some novice Outlook users may prefer a more straight forward utility. Ideally you should opt for DataNumen Outlook Repair which besides being a top class outlook recovery tool can also help you break up a gigantic PST file within minutes. In fact you can choose the period for which you wish to separate emails, and also store them at a place of your choice. Moreover the tool is likely to prove very useful in the event of a PST crash. It has the capability to recover all data elements contained in the Outlook application without much ado. Further with its potency to handle nearly all media types and its capacity to tackle even the most severe incidents of PST corruption, the application can act as a lifesaver in case of any contingency.


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