Quick tips to avoid an Ms Outlook crash

If you are a regular user of the Outlook email下载 client then it is quite certain that your primary business email account is configured in it. Over a given timeframe the Outlook client would have become a huge repository of valuable communication data, contact information and even scheduling details. Now it would be a sheer disaster if you were to lose this information due to an Outlook crash as it would put your critical data at risk. In case you hope to avoid an Outlook crash, we suggest that you implement points listed below.


  • Properly shutdown your Outlook application avoid Hard boots

While the later versions of Ms Outlook client are better equipped to handle incidents like hard boots and power outages, it still remains vulnerable to logical errors creeping in. Issues like corruption in the Navigation pane settings can jeopardize the Outlook application and it is thus always advisable to manually close the Outlook program before shutting down the system or initiating a hard reboot.


  • Regularly apply Windows and Office Updates

Keeping the Outlook application, which incidentally is a part of the Ms Office suite, updated is critical in order to avoid security vulnerabilities. Microsoft regularly dishes out through Windows update, patches for your system including Ms Office programs and as a user you should always apply them in time.


  • Limit the size of your Email folders

A large email inbox is a sitting duck for PST errors. In Ms Outlook versions like Outlook 2002 and before reaching anywhere near the 2GB mark would make the PST file unstable. Irrespective of the Ms Outlook client you have in your system, always try to keep the size of your Inbox limited and remove older emails by using the AutoArchive feature.


  • Avoid instances of Virus Attacks

Malicious programs that are looking gain access to your personal data and virus attacks can easily compromise the Ms Outlook client. Incidentally some viruses are specifically designed to target the Outlook application and gain your contact details. Given the risk make it a point to install a top of the line antivirus tool in your system and run regular scans. Further always keep the virus definitions updated. The antivirus tool that you select should also have the capacity to block viruses that come through emails and it is always advisable to keep the email scanning function turned on.


  • What if you still experience an Outlook crash due to errors in PST files

It may so happen that even after you have tried to reduce the risk of an Outlook crash, you encounter a corrupt .pst file error. If that occurs just get hold of the DataNumen Outlook repair tool which is the most proficient repair pst tool that you can ever come across. Its class leading extraction mechanism can help you get back all the data in the Outlook client without much ado. Moreover if you are looking at extracting data from corrupted .pst files which are bloated in size, then this remarkable tool should be your first call.


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