Quick Tips to Make Outlook Mailbox Colorful

Perhaps you have been tired of Outlook mailbox in the totally same color. In this article, we will learn to make our mailbox well-organized in different colors.

Every time you open your Outlook mailbox, you may be tired of seeing a massive number of emails, due to the fact that all the emails are in the same color and font size. In this situation, visual fatigue may occur to you, resulting in troubles to figure out where these emails come from.

Confronted with this situation, you could classify your emails in different colors. This kind of categorization could be done according to search words, sender and time, etc. Here are the quick tips to classify emails in different colors.


Firstly open your MS Outlook. You will see the “View” option on the top of the interface and click on it. Then you would be required to locate “View Settings” option and pitch on it. A pop-up window of “Advanced View Setting Compact” will arise. And in the frame of “Description”, you should click the penultimate button – “Conditional Formatting”, which is for users defining fonts on each message. Next you should click “Add” button on the right side. This step aims to creating a new rule to be set in the same fonts. You could name the new rule in the frame of “Properties of selected rule”. For example, if you want to change all the e-mail from your boss, you could name it as “Boss”.

Later here comes the vital step. Under the “name” option, there is a “Font…” button. Click it, and then you could set the related fonts you like in the pop-up window, no matter font style, size, effects or color. And you can see the samples here as well. After you finish all the settings you prefer, just click “OK” to save all the settings. It will return to the window of “Conditional Formatting”. Next you should click the “Condition…”button. A “Filter” window will turn up. And in the “message” dialog box, you should set the search words, which is for classifying the emails with these keywords. Apart from the words, you could also set the sender in the blank box behind the “From…” button. For instance, you could write down your boss’s e-mail address. After finishing these filter settings, you can just click “OK”.

Now return to your mailbox, you will find surprisingly that the emails from your boss are in the color, style and size that you’ve set just now.

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