Quick Tips for Using Ms Outlook for Marketing Outreach for Small Businesses

Marketing is the cornerstone thbehind the success of every business. If a business has to grow it needs to put in considerable efforts in marketing its products or services. Now when you consider the case of small businesses, many of them lack the sophisticated tools and manpower required to run marketing campaigns. Given the constraint, warming up to Microsoft as a marketing tool can be a rather fruitful idea. As a small business owner who uses Outlook for regular communication, you are likely to find that you already have most of your business contact IDs within the email client. This gives you with a solid platform to quickly create campaigns without investing in additional software.


Use the Business Contact Manager Feature to Run Campaigns

If you are using any of the latest iterations of Outlook, you would have come across the business contact manager (BCM) feature. It essentially is a mini CRM tool encompassed in Outlook to help you manage leads, generate reports and can be used to run campaigns too. To start with you can create a new Marketing Campaign and assign it a code. You can mark its type and even place a budgeted cost. Outlook allows you to draw up the list of contacts you wish to cover in the campaign and the Outreach methods you wish to follow. Now if you choose an email campaign you can get detailed results of the campaign using the Track option under the campaign group in BCM.


Use Outlook to Schedule Marketing Appointments and Manage Leads

The Outlook application can used to schedule meetings with your prospects and can even be used to send invites to online discussions, using platforms’ such Google Hangouts. Besides you can always manage leads using the BCM feature and track accounts as they grow over a period. Moreover you can assign specific accounts and leads to employees and track the overall movement through intuitive reports.


Integrate Social Media Account in Outlook

If you are using Outlook 2013 then you can integrate social media accounts in Outlook and reach out to all your contacts across platforms like FaceBook and LinkedIn. Interesting you can directly read their posts, status updates etc from Outlook and even post messages to them without leaving your email client.


An Outlook crash can jeopardize your marketing initiatives

While the Outlook application has over the years become robust, it still remains potentially vulnerable to data loss arising out of PST errors.  Now if you are running a marketing campaign using the Outlook application, an application crash can risk not only your email templates but contacts and lead data too. So to avoid a scenario where you find your critical data vanishing before your eyes, it is prudent to invest in a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook repair. This potent application can be relied upon to bring back lost emails from compromised PST files with ease irrespective of the fact whether the files are lying on an optical disk or an Iomega drive.


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