Quick tips for uploading Zip files via FTP

With internet becoming the primary medium for global communication, more and more companies these days tend to use their websites for information dissemination. In other words you will find a host of documents, guides, marketing materials etc are typically made available on the website instead of being sent to individual employees or customers directly. Much of these files uploaded on the internet tend to be in the zip format.

One of key reasons which makes the zip format so popular amongst web developers is its capacity to encompass a variety of data. You can easily zip pages created in HTML or interlinked group of excel documents in quick time into a single zip file. Further zipping the files can significantly reduce the amount of web space needed to store the files on the webhost.

Now when you upload the zip files on the webhost using a FTP program, there are chances that the file that you just uploaded many end up getting corrupted. If this sounds strange to you then you need to understand that the zip file format is quite vulnerable to corruption during data transfers.


Using the correct procedure for uploading zip files via FTP

When you are uploading a zip file on the internet, you need to make sure that you use the correct mode. In case you upload a zip file using the ASCII or the text mode, there is a significant chance that your zip files may get compromised. In order to upload zip files via FTP you should always use the binary mode. Selecting the binary mode will prevent the files from getting corrupted during the transfer process.

Keeping a Zip Recovery tool handy

If you are using the zip format to regularly distribute data to your employees through your website, it would be ideal for you to keep a zip recovery tool available with your IT team. In case an employee receives a corrupted archive file, he can simply use the fix zip tool and get hold of the data he needs.

When it comes to selecting an effective zip recovery tool, you need make sure that you invest in a sophisticated product that supports both batch recovery and recovery of zip files larger than 4GB. Amongst the several products available in the market the most effectual zip repair tool that you can find is the DataNumen zip repair application. Besides meeting the above mentioned criteria it can also be used as a digital forensic tool which would make great sense for your IT team. With DataNumen zip repair at hand you can be assured of the fact that the data stored in zip files will always be accessible.

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Alan Chen is President & Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including zip repair and rar repair software products. For more information visit www.datanumen.com .




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