Quick Reply option directly from the Reading Pane in Outlook 2013 has limited features

If you decide to directly reply to a message from the reading pane, a number of features like inserting images or tables would seem to be unavailable.

Quick Reply option directly from the Reading Pane in Outlook 2013 has limited features

As an Outlook user who has seen the application evolve for more than a decade, the Outlook 2013 was a completely positive experience for me. The 2013 iteration was rich in options, gave a lot of thought to user friendliness and included some class leading features. From the People module that integrated every piece of information present with you about your contacts to nice touches such as the weather bar, the 2013 edition seemed to be rather well developed. However it does have a few shortcomings such as the limited features of the Reading pane reply option. When you attempt to reply to an email directly from the Reading Pane, you do not get options to insert a image or even a table file. Let’s look at how you can workaround the issue.

Pop Out the Message Screen

From the reading pane when you have started composing your email, you would find a Pop Out option on left section of the screen. Just click on it and the full screen option of the reply window would come into the picture. From here you will find all the necessary options including ones to insert images directly into the Outlook email message.

Reading Pane is a blessing for Outlook 2013 users

From a visibility point of view, the Reading Pane in Outlook 2013 is a blessing for its users. The color combination and highlighting elements used in the Reading pane make it very easy to quickly scan through emails in quick time. The fact that Ms Outlook can showcase one or two lines of an email message without even having to open it up, makes the reading pane a sheer joy to use.

Even the highly fancied Outlook 2013 is bogged down by pesky PST errors

When the Outlook 2013 edition made its way into the market, a lot of Outlook users were pleasantly surprised by its class leading features. In this edition it has a distinct finesse which made it exceedingly popular. However it is still bogged down by pesky PST errors which can creep up on you when you least expect them. Now in case you do encounter them, you can logically hope to get back your data if you have an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair installed in your machined. The application can bring back everything that you have stored, from calendars to notes in a span of minutes. Further the tool can be used to deal with situations where important emails get deleted by mistake. In certain cases you tend to store the backup Outlook data files in removable media disks or a virtual machine disk. In case the backup files itself get corrupted you would have to attempt a recovery from a different media type. Now this tool has the wherewithal bring back data stored on nearly every media type including ISO Image files.

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