A quick lowdown on enhancements rolled out in SQL Server Management Studio 2016

In this article we look at key enhancements that have been incorporated in SQL Server Management Studio 2016

MS SQL Server Management Studio 2016The SQL Server Management studio is one of the multiple applications launched with SQL Server. It was first launched in the 2005 edition of SQL Server, and from 2015 onwards Microsoft decided to ship SQL Server Management Studio separate from the SQL Server. The SQL Server Management Studio was designed with the purpose of negotiating, configuring and handling the SQL Server and its various components through rich graphical interface. With time, lots of modifications and enhancements were introduced in the SQL Server Management Studio, and it’s ‘Object Explorer’ ended up being its most important feature, permitting users to browse, select and perform over objects within SQL Server.

SQL Server Separate InstallationWith the coming of the 2016 version of SQL Server Management Studio, the previous version looks old, as the new version has been introduced with a whole lot of enhancements and features. The most significant being a separate download. The SQL Server Management Studio 2016 has to be downloaded separately and not with the server. It is the first edition to have this kind of feature.

Following is a quick lowdown on enhancements rolled out in SQL Server Management Studio 2016:

  1. Highlight Current Line – Once you open the Management studio, you will notice a box in the query window, highlighting the current line location of the cursor. This moves along as we change lines. This feature is activated by default, the user can choose to deactivate it by un-checking the ‘Highlight Current Line’ check box.
  1. Searching For Options – There are numerous options available in the Management studio, and looking for one particular option or tab often becomes difficult if you don’t know its exact location. To find such a tab, use the ‘Search Bar’ in the Tools menu. Suppose you don’t know the location for the ‘Highlight Current’ option, you can type it in the search box and it will provide you with all related results. This makes things very simple for those who are not familiar with SQL Server Management Studio.
  1. Quick launch – The Management Studio also provides an option of Quick Launch in the top right corner of the window. This is not to search inside Query Window but to launch options, files and menu items. When you begin typing in the Quick Launch bar, it shows the links with key words you have types, you can select the one you want to open from the suggestions. You can also use it to open the most recent items.
  1. Pin tabs – The new query window consist of a toggle pin, which allows users to pin query windows they wish to. Even after you pin tabs, you can still go on to open multiple query windows. You can choose to organize your pinned tabs by selecting ‘Show pinned tabs in a separate row’ in Tools. This will show pinned tabs in separate window, making it easy for users to manage them. However, do note that once you close the Management Studio you will lose all the pinned tabs, and you will have to pin them again once you open it again.

For all the good things that we find in SQL Server 2016; the ominous SQL crashes still remain

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