A Quick Low down on Key Benefits Business can expect after Migrating to a Database like SQL Server from Spreadsheets or Data Files

In this article we look at the benefits associated in moving your business data from a spreadsheet or data file to DBMS solution like SQL Server

Migration to SQL Server Database

Using a Database like SQL Server to save data is now considered a more efficient way than saving it in a spreadsheet or a data file and this is all the more beneficial for the small businesses for better organization and safety of the data. After all, the main reason for using data files or spreadsheets is to save data for records and when you get to enjoy more benefits with DBMS, then why not consider it instead of the old methods. Be it in terms of simplicity, efficiency or productivity, a database can help you better than a spreadsheet or a data file. Here is a quick low down of key benefits business can experience by migrating to a database from spreadsheets or data files.

A database application lends itself beautifully to integration with a host of software applications. Moreover DMBS tools like SQL Server include data manipulation tools which make it easier to perform routine tasks like sending email notifications or alerts. Sending a promotional email or newsletter to your prospective clients by extracting data from a spreadsheet or a data file is tricky and inefficient. Error checking features in a DBMS make it apt choice for businesses and records can accessed over the internet too.

One of the major advantages of a database is that it helps increasing the productivity by promoting many automatic tasks, thereby saving time wasted in manual tasks that are conducted using spreadsheets and data files. This is not all; a database helps you tremendously in scaling your business with multiple users and from multiple locations as well.

Using a database like SQL Server means you have access to dashboards. In other words you get to know the status of almost everything without searching or getting confused to know about different parameters of your business. When you use a reliable and a good database, you can actually save and use all the important info from one location and you can even update or edit it as and when required. Apart from it, a database gives an immediate ROI and promotes financial value of your business through a one time investment.

Another advantage of using database over a spreadsheet or data file is that it allows you and your managers to access information required at critical times for business marketing or operation, drill down data and get insights. Your managers can get in touch with your queries instantly to work on them and your whole team can get the solution within a fraction of seconds through a database.

A SQL Crash is one of the key drawbacks associated with a SQL Server database

The SQL Server database is a great tool for companies of varying sizes. The only element that one needs to keep in mind while using SQL Server in their organization is the chance of a SQL crash. Relying on backups is not going to help restore recent data and one needs to invest in a SQL Server recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery to get back the compromised records. This powerful tool can seamlessly repair MDF databases in quick time and is also capable of recovering sparse columns.

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