A Quick Look at Some of the Key Features Introduced in Ms Outlook 2016 Iteration

In this article we go over some of the new and updated features and functions that have been rolled out in Ms Outlook 2016

Outlook 2016

It’s true that Outlook 2016 does carries the same much appreciated tools and features that you have been using in its earlier versions, but apart from it there are a bunch of new and improved features as well for managing various tasks that you perform while working on it. Be it in the contacts, calendar, and tasks or in the mailbox itself, these new features have been incorporated to make communication faster as well as easier for the Outlook 2016 users. Read this article to have a quick look at some of the key features in MS Outlook 2016.

  1. Smart Lookup Feature:Let’s first talk about the all new Smart Lookup Feature designed to help you search for facts using the Bing Search Engine. Using this new feature, you can at once move out of your browser to search for anything in the easiest way ever while working on Outlook. 
  1. New Excel Charts:Users were already happy using the new PivotChart Features in Outlook 2013 but now their happiness is beyond measurement with the six new charts in MS Excel including Pareto, Waterfall, Histogram, Treemap, Box & Whisker and Sunburst. These charts will provide help in making day to day financial or professional charts.
  1. Cloud Attachments:This is in fact, one of the best new features of MS Outlook 2016. You can now send documents as easy attachments or via links to your saved Outlook files from a one stop location without having to search for your saved files on the entire system using the Cloud Attachments. Even if the documents are saved in SharePoint or OneDrive, then too you can attach them by assigning the apt permissions. 
  1. Better Groups: MS Outlook 2016 also boasts of new and better groups to help you organize different mails and other items as per a particular topic. This is not all; now you can even allow different teams at office to access the Group’s Inbox to create events or other items in Outlook for better work coordination. 
  1. Clutter Feature: MS Outlook 2016 also helps in making your Outlook clutter-free through its Clutter Feature for moving least important email messages out of the main inbox thereby enabling you to access only your important messages. The Clutter feature helps analyzing your email messages depending on their past behavior and in itself determines which email messages will be ignored by you and then it automatically flushes those messages in the Clutter Folder, so that you can check them later. 
  1. Chinese and Japanese Default Fonts: Office 2016 has a surprise for the Chinese and Japanese users as well, as it now comes packed with some interesting and new Chinese and Japanese Default Fonts. These fonts were already introduced in the earlier versions of Outlook but this time they are in a more unified and modern look across PowerPoint, Word, Excel, OneNote and Outlook Mail.

The Fantastic Outlook 2016 iteration still is a sitting duck when it comes to a PST crash

For its famed features, the Outlook 2016 iteration still suffers from PST errors which have been the bane of its predecessors. Hence if you are using this email client, do make it a point to keep a robust outlook recovery tool like the versatile DataNumen Outlook Repair around. If your application crashes, this tool would help you recover your data in the shortest possible time. In normal course, the tool can be used to bring back accidentally deleted emails or can be used to break large PST files into smaller parts.

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