PST File Errors Can Cause Instant Search to Show Blank Results

The Outlookpst-corrupt email client from its 2007 iteration onwards comes equipped with a potent instant search feature which allows you find items at lightning speed. You simply need to type your query string in the Instant Search field that hovers across the top of all panes and it would drag out matching elements including emails and contacts. In fact you do not even need to click on the Search button to activate the scan process. The sheer swiftness of Instant search feature is powered by the file indexing mechanism that Outlook applies. At times though the Instant search feature may simply fail to show any results and major reason of this issue lies in PST file corruption. If the underlying Outlook PST file has an issue, the search can display blank results.


Checking if the Outlook PST file is being indexed and resolve possible PST errors

At the very outset you need to determine if the Instant Search feature has properly indexed the relevant PST file. For example for searches to show relevant emails from Archived folders, the indexing of Archive PST file must be done. Just click on the Search options next to the Instant search box and you will get the choice to Index the file that you need.

Once you have confirmed that a file has been indexed and if data still fails to show in Instant search, you would need to check the PST file for errors. One of the easiest ways to do so involves using the Microsoft’s ScanPst.exe application. Run the application and attempt to repair the issues associated with the underlying data files. Discovering the location of the ScanPST.exe file can be a challenge as it varies according to the OS version and Outlook iteration in use. Moreover the program may not work at many times and you would have go in for a specialized application as mentioned below.


Take no chances with PST Errors and use a specialized tool

Besides causing you a plethora of problems, PST errors have the potency to simply crash the Outlook application and both up your entire email repository in one moment. So at the very instant a PST error message comes to light, invest in an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can deal with most serious data corruption issues. This sophisticated tool is not constrained by either the media type or Outlook version in use and has an astounding success rate which is unmatched in its class. It even works with files where the ScanPST.exe comes up as a cropper and freezes up during the recovery process. When it comes to discovering PST files which seem to have vanished into thin air, the application is more effective than a normal windows search. It can even tailor the output of the retrieval process and break down the recovered file if needed. Last but not the least, the tool can be used to get back emails that got inadvertently deleted.


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