Prune Unwanted Email IDs from the Auto Complete feature in Outlook

If you happen to be a regular user of Ms owa_autocompletelistOutlook then it is quite likely that you have at times sent out an email to a wrong email address. In many such cases the wrong address was similar to the email ID you wished to send the email to and came up in auto complete. For example if you wish to send an email to Jack Watson in Outlook, instead the name of Jack Walter came up first and in haste the email went out to the wrong guy. Now if you are experiencing such situations frequently and there are some email IDs you do not really wish to show up in auto complete then you can simply delete them.


Removing specific emails IDs from Auto Complete

The process of removing email IDs from Auto Complete feature is rather simple. To start with you need to launch a New email message. Once the New Message window shows up, just type the name of the person which you wish to deleted in the to field. Now from

the drop down list, select the email ID you wish to remove and simple press the delete button on your keyboard. The email ID will be removed from the auto complete list for good.


Turning Off the Auto Complete Feature

For some individuals the auto complete feature is more of a pain than advantage. Specifically for those who need to send out marketing emails, a whole list of emails IDs getting tagged by the auto complete feature is a cause for concern. Ms Outlook allows you to completely turn off the auto complete feature and same can be achieved by following the steps mentioned below

  1. Visit the File Tab in Outlook and then Click on Options
  2. Under the Options tab you need to click on Mail tab
  3. In the subsequent Window you would find a tab for Send Messages
  4. Here you need to uncheck the box next to the option “Use Auto Complete List ….)

Once you save your choice, the Auto complete feature would not work. Please note that the steps mentioned above may differ for different versions of Outlook.


Save Your Emails from PST Errors

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