Protecting your Outlook Data from Malicious Programs – A Primer

As ath desktop email client the reach and popularity of Ms Outlook is unparalleled. However this achievement has made Outlook important in eyes of hackers who look at creating programs that can compromise the sensitive data stored in an Outlook application. For example there are countless viruses that spread through gathering the email IDs from Outlook contacts. Given the scenario one needs to remain vigilant about malicious programs that are looking to capture the data stored in the Outlook application. Let’s look at some of the steps you can take.


Enforce Stringent Spam filtering

Ms Outlook uses a highly potent spam filtering engine which can block most spam emails floating around the internet. This includes emails that contain suspected malware or potentially dangerous attachment files. To protect yourself from malicious programs, you can simply push the spam protection level to high and block most suspicious emails from landing into your Inbox. To do so, perform the steps listed below

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application
  2. Go to Options then head to Junk Email Options
  3. Under the Options tab, set the filtering to High
  4. Click on Ok to save the settings

In case if you have been receiving suspicious emails from certain email IDs or domains, you can even manually block them by placing them under Blocked Senders tab in Junk Email Options window.


Do not open Suspicious Attachments

Avoid suspicious attachments is a no brainer and yet many Outlook users click on such attachment out of curiosity. In case you do not recognize the sender of an email, it is always advisable to steer clear of attachments that it contains.


Disable links in Outlook

As a matter of rule disable external links in emails that you receive. You can even choose to read all emails that you read in the plain text mode. Not only would this prevent you from phishing attacks, it would also protect you from malware that come through compromised image files.


An Antivirus Application is an absolute must

Apart from all the precautions that you can take while dealing with emails in Outlook, you must always have a top of the line antivirus solution, preferably one that can deal with spyware too, installed in your PC. You should also enable email scanning in the antivirus application which would prevent malicious content from reaching your Inbox. Moreover it should be always updated, so that you are protected from recent threats.


Prepare for the worst – Keep a recovery tool handy

Even after taking every possible precaution, your Ms Outlook data files can still get compromised due to a virus. In such a scenario, you would have to use a recovery program to get back your data, once the antivirus utility has removed the malicious program. Now if you are looking for a powerful outlook recovery tool then you should train your sights on the DataNumen Outlook Repair application. It uses cutting edge techniques to recover every possible data type, from emails in HTML to journals, stored in Outlook in a matter of minutes. Further it is equipped to deal with password protected files that other recovery programs shy away from.


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