Protect your System from Viruses Entering through Email

Of late incidents of security breaches 518px-Avoid-Getting-a-Computer-Virus-or-Worm-on-Your-Windows-PC-Step-1and virus outbreaks are increasingly coming into limelight. It is a given fact that malicious viruses are on the prowl than never before and emails have become their favorite medium of infection. In case a virus compromises your Outlook email client, it is quite possible that it extracts the details of your contacts and sends them infected messages, thus subsequently infecting their systems too. Now if you are looking at stopping viruses from compromising your system through emails then just implement the suggestions given below


  • Turn On Email Scanning

At times many of us turn off the email scanning feature as it causes delay in reading the messages we receive. Unfortunately emails are a high risk vector for viruses and it is extremely important that you turn on email scanning as default.


  • Use the Preview Pane to weed out suspected emails

By using the message preview pane you can weed out emails that look suspicious. In case an email has come from an unrecognized sender and has an attachment, then your should never open the attachment without scanning it. Even embedded images can include malicious code and thus always be careful from opening such emails from untrustworthy sources.


  • In case of doubt, run a complete system scan 

If you have accidentally opened an attachment file that seemed suspicious then it would be prudent for you to run a complete system scan to eliminate the possibility of a virus infection. Also before running the scan, update the antivirus tool to the current date.


  • Set a High security level for Macros

In order to avoid your Outlook email client from getting compromised by macros, ensure that you set the Security Level for Macros at Very High so that only trusted macros can be executed.


  • How to Stop a Phishing Attack

Besides virus attacks, you may also be subjected to a phishing attack wherein you are taken to a dubious website masquerading as a legitimate site. Often such phishing links are sent through emails and ideally you should block external links in email body. To do this just go to Junk Email filter and set it at High. In case the filter detects a suspicious link it would disable it.


  • What if a virus attack corrupts the Outlook PST files

At times even after you have taken the necessary precautions, a virus can pass through and compromise the Outlook application. Even the .pst files may become corrupted and in case you are looking extract the data back you would need to get hold of a repair pst tool. To start with use a power antivirus tool to remove the malicious program and once the virus has been removed, use the DataNumen Outlook repair to get back the data from the corrupted .pst file. The cutting edge tool is uniquely suitable of extracting several forms of Outlook data including Journals and contacts and can even work on large .pst files.


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