How to Protect the Privacy of Your Outlook Emails

Unlike Outlook password, making Outlook emails private by sensitivity settings won’t require users to type in password repeatedly.

Undoubtedly in order to protect our Outlook emails, we are often recommended to create an Outlook password. Perhaps at the beginning, we may feel it fantastic. However, after we find it troublesome to type in password over and over again, we tend to remove the password, which will require a lot of time and some external tools. It is apparent that instead of spending too much on removing password, we are better off taking other actions in advance .

In this case, making outlook emails private is a better and more simplified solution. It is believed that many people must have known the common way to do so. Actually there is another smarter way, which will help you to make emails private once for all. The followings will talk about the two ways separately.

Common Way to Make Individual Emails Private

  1. To start with we should create a new email by clicking “New Email” in “Home” page.
  2. Then in the window of the new message, we should click “Options” tab in the ribbon.
  3. Next locate the section of “More Options” and click on the expand icon, after which we will see a new dialog of “Properties”
  4. Under “Settings”, we could see the option of “Sensitivity”. We should select “Private” in the drop-down list.Make Individual Emails Private
  5. Finally click “Close” to save the settings.

After all steps above, we can write the emails as usual. Outlook will protect this email according to the sensitivity settings.

Smarter Way to Make Outlook Emails Private by Default

  1. For a start go to “File” menu and click on “Options”.
  2. Under “Mail”, we should pull the scrolling bar to find the “Send Messages” option.
  3. We should locate the “Default Sensitivity Level”, in which we could select “Private”.Make Outlook Emails by Default
  4. Eventually click “OK’ to save the option settings.

What is worthy of a mention here is that although the sensitivity setting is under “Mail” option, it will apply to Contacts, Tasks, Appointments as well.

Necessary Actions to Deal with Outlook Corruptions

We always think that since Outlook contains so many capabilities to protect data, we could just rest easy. In fact, even though various functions in Outlook, it is still prone to corruption due to virus infections and malware attacks. If we encounter severe Outlook corruptions, it is necessary to take the aid of some external Outlook repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. It will assist us to minimize the loss of data, reinstating corrupted outlook files at full speed.

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