Privacy Issues to Keep in Mind while working with Email Tracking in Business Contact Manager for Outlook

The Business Contact thManager (BCM) for Outlook comes loaded with a host of intelligent features that helps you to track client conversations effectively and monitor accounts. You can configure it to attach all conversations related to certain client or account with the specific record in BCM and all future communications are automatically linked up. While this can prove rather handy for you, privacy concerns may arise if you have shared the BCM database with your team. Communications which you may not like to be displayed to other members of your team can get automatically shared and hence certain precautions need to be taken.


Working around Privacy Issues related to Email Linking

At the very outset you need to know what data you wish to share with your team and kind of emails you expect to receive from a contact. Now if you are dealing with a client where price point negotiations are common and changes to terms are frequent you would not like to link emails to such a record at all.

A critical aspect that you always need to keep in mind while sharing the BCM database is the fact that anyone who has been given the authority to access the data would be able to view all linked emails. Not just emails, any other element that may be part of the communication history can also be accessed by others.  So, one should be rather careful while giving away access to the BCM data to others.

One way of sharing a BCM database without the associated linked emails involves deleting the attached email before sharing the repository with your team members. Moreover you should disable further email linking for that record in future.


Beware of PST Errors that can even affect the Business Contact Manager Data

While most errors occurring in the Ms Outlook client can be considered as benign from a point of data security, PST errors are clearly an exception. A PST error can completely corrupt the entire data stored in your email client and its effect is not restricted to emails. In fact your highly valuable business data stored in the Business Contact Manager for Outlook too becomes a fair game. Now if you wish to avoid a situation where your valuable data vanishes before your eyes, you need to install an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair in your system. During an unexpected emergency, say an Outlook crash, this cutting edge application can recover your compromised files with ease and it can even bring back BCM data like account records and leads. Moreover during the entire recovery process, the application makes it a point not to mess with the original data copy and recovered files can be stored separately. A salient feature of this tool is its capacity to recover password protected PST files without removing the enforced encryption.


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