Printing Multiple Notes of Outlook in One Page

The Notes feature inMultiple-Notes Ms Outlook is widely appreciated by people for its capacity to contain important nuggets of information. Moreover Notes created in Outlook can be shared with others and they also carry a timestamp which can be used to track meeting records. Typically most users put a concise amount of data in a single note. So at some point of time you may wish to print several notes together in a single page. Let’s take an example of a daily team huddle. Each day you create a note to jot down what was discussed in the huddle. At the end of week you wish to print all those notes together in one page so that you can stick it up in the office message board. Well the good news is that it is possible to do so from Outlook.


Printing Multiple Notes Together in One Page

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and go to the Notes folder
  2. Select all the Notes that you plan to print together
  3. Once the selection has been done click on Print from the File menu and then head to Print Options
  4. Under Print style ensure that Memo style has been selected
  5. Next hit the Page Setup button and then click on the Paper tab
  6. Based on the paper type you are using, make your choice and then from the right pane select the Page size
  7. Choose a smaller page size which will allow you to print multiple notes together in one page. For example if you are looking to print four notes together opt for ¼ sheet booklet.
  8. Complete the print job

It is important to note that basically we are tricking the print function to achieve our goal of printing multiple notes in the same page. You can always change the page size to meet your requirements, say when you need to print two notes or six.


Beware of Outlook Crashes which can even jeopardize the data stored in Notes

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