How to Print Workday Calendar Only in Outlook

In this article, we will learn how to print workday calendar only in Outlook, namely the calendar from Monday to Friday as usual.

To those who keep using Outlook, Outlook is not only an email client, but also it can assist them to arrange their various appointments and tasks. By adding multiple of assignments to Outlook calendar, users can apprehend them fully at a glance.

Print Workday Calendar Only in Outlook

Why You Want to Print Workday Calendar Only

Outlook calendar will list out all schedules in order. Users can check their schedules directly on computer, or print the calendar in paper. Sometimes it may be much more convenient to print it out. However, when we print the calendar, we may encounter the situation that the printed calendar contains some useless days, namely Saturdays and Sundays. It is because there are no special schedules on those days that we would like to sift out them while printing calendar.

Older versions of Outlook can only print all days, while newer versions support to print the selected workdays. Here are the concrete steps to print workday calendar according to two scenarios.

If You Want to Print All Workday Calendar in a Whole Month

  1. For a start click “Month” option in the section of ‘Arrange”.
  2. Then click ‘File” and select “Print”.
  3. In the frame of “Setting”, you would be required to click “Weekly Calendar Style”.
  4. Next click “Print Options” button.
  5. In the popup window, locate and click on “Page Setup” button.
  6. Later a new window will crop up, in which you should find the item “Only Print Workdays”. Tick it and click “OK”.
  7. Eventually it will return to “Print” interface, just click on “Print” button.

If You Want to Print Calendar of One Work Week Only

  1. Firstly pitch on “Calendar” item in the “Home” page.
  2. Outlook will show calendar in “Day” by default. Thus click “Work Week” option in the section of “Arrange”.
  3. Then click “File” and select “Print”. You can preview the calendar to be printed at the left part, which only shows one work week.
  4. Finally just click on “Print” icon.

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