How to Print Your Outlook Email with Background Image

When printing an email in Outlook, you may notice that its background color and image cannot be printed by default. This article will provide you a handy method to print the email with background image.

I have received a confidential email in Outlook, whose background image is a watermark of “Confidential” characters. I hope that I can print out the watermark as well. But printing the email directly in Outlook cannot achieve it. Fortunately, I found another effective workaround.

Print an Outlook Email with Background Image

  1. At the very outset, open Outlook and locate the source email.
  2. Then double click the email to view it in its own window.
  3. In the opened Message window, you need to find “Actions” button in “Move” group under “Message” tab. Click on “Actions” and select “View in Browser”.View in Browser
  4. You will receive an Outlook alert, suggesting that opening in browser may be risky. But you can still click on “OK” button directly.Show this message in browser
  5. Next the message will open in your default Internet Browser. Here we will take Internet Explorer as the example. After the email shows in Internet Explorer, you need to click the “Tools” icon and then select “Print” > “Print preview” option.Print preview

Note: If you are using other browser, such as Firefox, you need to find out the “Print preview” function by yourself. After that, follow the steps below.

  1. Later the window of “Page Preview” will arise. In the menu bar, you need to click on the gear icon. Subsequently, the dialog box of “Page Setup” will pop up. In “Paper Options” section, you need to enable the “Print Background Colors and Images” feature.Print Background Colors and Images
  2. Click “OK” button to save the setup. After backing to the “Print Preview” interface, you will discover that the previewed page has included the original email background image. And then hit the printer icon in the menu bar.
  3. Finally in the “Print” dialog box, select the target printer in the available list and then click on “Print” button at the bottom.Print an Outlook Email with Background Image

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