How to Print Envelopes for Multiple Outlook Contacts in Batches

With “Mail Merge” feature, we can quickly create and print envelopes tailored to multiple Outlook contacts in batches. This article will introduce the detailed steps to realize it.

When it comes to “Mail Merge”, its most common usage is writing personalized emails, which permits us to create merely one form letter. In reality, apart from this, we can apply “Mail Merge” to create envelopes customized for a number of recipients in batches. Therefore, if you’re interested in this feature, please read on to learn its concrete steps.

Print Envelopes for Multiple Outlook Contacts in Batches

  1. At first, in Outlook Contacts, select the contacts with mailing addresses which you intend to print the

Note: To verify if a contact has a mailing address, you can open it and check the “Addresses” settings.

Whether with a mailing address

  1. After selecting the contact, click on “Mail Merge” button in “Actions” group under “Home” tab.Mail Merge
  2. Subsequently, in the popup “Mail Merge Contacts” dialog box, check “Only selected contacts” in “Contacts” section and set “Document type” field as “Envelopes” in “Merge Options” section.Mail Merge Contacts
  3. After clicking “OK”, a word document will open up. You will get a Word alert like the following screenshot. Just hit “OK”.Complete the setup for envelopes
  4. Then in “Mail Merge Helper” dialog box, click “Setup” button. Another dialog box of “Envelope Options” will turn up, in which you can change a variety of envelope settings.Mail Merge Helper
  5. After that, click “OK” button. Then, in the background, you can find the envelope size has been changed to your specified configurations just now. Click “Close” button to exit “Mail Merge Helper” dialog box.
  6. Now you need to type the return address, namely your own address at the upper right corner.
  7. Next, you should click on the bottom half of the current envelope interface, which will reveal a hidden box. And press “Address Block” button in “Write & Insert Fields” group under “Mailings” tab.Reveal a hidden box for delivery addresses
  8. In the latter “Insert Address Block” dialog box, you can specify some address elements, such as the recipient’s name format, whether to insert company or postal address and so on.Insert Address Block
  9. Later, you can click “OK” to save your customization and close the dialog box. After backing to the envelope, you will see that “<<AddressBlock>>” is in the dotted box. You can click on “Preview Results” button. Press the right or left arrow to review all the addresses for all the contacts.Preview Results

You can preview the delivery addresses shown as the following picture:Preview

  1. Optionally, you can modify the font style of the delivery addresses. Select the “<<AddressBlock>>” characters, shift to “Home” tab and utilize the available tools to change the font at will.Change the format of AddressBlock
  2. Eventually you can click “Finish & Merge” button at the end of “Mailing” ribbon. From the drop down list, select “Print Documents”. Then, in the “Merge to Printer” dialog, select “All” and click “OK”. After hitting “OK” in the “Print” dialog box, all the envelopes tailored to all contacts will be printed out.Print Documents

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