How to Prevent Emails from Being Marked as Read Automatically

The selected email will be automatically marked as read when it changes. Someone has complaint about it. Here is the means to disable it.

In general, automatic “mark as read” does improve our efficiency a lot. Through it, we wouldn’t be required to mark the message as read manually. Therefore, I have never paid attention to “Mark as Read” until I encountered the situation where the unread message is marked as read automatically. It happened when I was just skimming through my emails at a quick pace. Indeed I haven’t opened the message, let alone read it.

Moreover, there is another frequent trouble. For instance, when I open my friend’s mailbox, I’ve read his email but he hasn’t yet. In such a scenario, I hope, Outlook won’t mark it as read. Actually the two problems mentioned above can be addressed by disabling automatic “mark as read”.

Prevent Emails from Being Marked as Read Automatically

  1. For a start, in “Home” page, switch to “View” tab.
  2. In “Layout” ribbon, we need to locate and click “reading pane” button.Reading Pane Options
  3. Then from the drop-down list, we would be required to select “Options”.
  4. Next a new dialog box will pop up, in which the first two options are focused on “mark as read”. In order to disable automatic “Mark as Read”, we should unmark the checkboxes next to the first two items.Prevent Emails from Being Marked as Read Automatically
  5. Finally click “OK” button to save the option settings.

Delay Marking as Read

Provided that we still want the messages to be marked as read automatically, we can delay this process. Of course we hope that marking as read works only when we are really reading the message instead of skimming through the message. Under such circumstances, we can delay mark as read in “Reading Pane Options” as well. We can tick the first item in “Reading Options” and set a preferred time limitation, such as 5 seconds or more.

Delay Mark as Read

Mark as Read by Shortcuts

If we have thoroughly stopped this automatic function, we should do it manually by selecting “mark as read” option in right click menu. Besides, we can make flexible use of shortcuts to mark as read.

  1. To mark an email as read, we can press “Ctrl + Enter” or “Ctrl + Q”.
  2. To mark an email as unread, we can press “Ctrl + U”.

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