How to Prevent Data Corruption Effectively

Data corruption has become one of the most common computer errors, which can occur to all of us. This article will give you a deeper insight into it and offer some suggestions about how to combat it.

Actually, data corruption refers to the errors occurring to data during you writing, reading, processing or transmission, which will makes unintended changes to the original data. When data corruption happens, if system or application attempts to access the file encompassing the data, it will suffer unimaginable consequences, ranging from minor data loss to severe system crashes. For instance, if a MS Outlook file is corrupted, when you try to open it in Outlook, you will definitely receive an error message, indicating that the file cannot be opened. To recover it, you can resort to a proven Outlook repair tool to take a try.

Data Corruption

Generally speaking, data corruption can be systematic or random. A small change on data can result in it as well. Therefore, it is considerably hard to predict data corruption. In spite of its unpredictability, we still need to take some measures to block it.

How to Prevent Data Corruption

1. Keep an Eye on Hard Drives’ Health

To fight against data corruption, you should start from keeping tabs on your hard drives’ health. In other words, you ought to check your hard drives on a regular basis. One approach is to read S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) data from your drive. Waiting for its warning will be too passive. The other recommended one is to apply scan disk tool if you are using Windows OS.

2. Troubleshoot Your System & Application Issues Periodically

As a regular computer user, you must have encountered multiple errors pertinent to either system or applications. When facing them, if you choose to bypass them, you need be responsible for all the results. Without a doubt, accumulated issues will lead to more severe problems. Hence confronted with any issues, you should follow the suggestions from your OS to resolve them in time.

3. Defend against Virus and Malware

Due to the fact that virus and malware are developing constantly and almost become an important factor in data corruption. So as to fight data corruption, you should keep virus and malware at bay. Firstly, you require a reputable security suite, including anti-virus software, firewall and other multi-tiered protections. Plus, if you’re using emails, you should beware of email borne viruses.

4. Make Regular Data Backups

Making data backups regularly is entirely cliché. Obviously, this is a good habit in that you cannot predict when your PC’s system may crash, or when your data will get damaged or lost. Thereby, never look down upon the importance of regular backups, which can come to your rescue when you get trapped. In addition, so as to avoid backup failure, please test your backups on a periodically basis, ensuring that it can work normally.

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