How to Prevent Closing Outlook Accidentally!

Many people have similar experiences to me, namely closing Outlook carelessly. It will pose many troubles. How can we prevent this situation?

The main reason why I often close my Outlook by accident is that the “X” icon, close button is next to the maximum button. As we can see, the three buttons – minimum, maximum, close buttons are all located at the upper right corner of Outlook. Thus it is easy to accidentally close Outlook by clicking on the “X” button, rather than other two buttons.

As for consequences of sudden closing Outlook, I have many complaints. Not only will it interrupt my working, but also it may result in troublesome errors. For example, when writing an email, we attempt to find some other information by minimizing Outlook window. However, we click “X” button by mistake. After restarting Outlook, we may find the email missing. Therefore, it is obviously important to learn how to escape from accidental closing Outlook.

Determine Whether We Close Outlook or Minimize Outlook

Before we learn concrete method to hinder unexpected closing Outlook, we should ensure that whether “Hide When Minimized” option is enabled or not. Many people may not notice this option, which will allow Outlook hidden when clicking minimum button. Thus they often think that Outlook is closed while it’s just minimized to the notification area. In such a scenario, we can find Outlook icon in the notification area, the lower left corner of Windows.

“Hide When Minimized” Option

Delay Delivery to Force a Warning to Prevent Accidental Closing Outlook

After verifying that Outlook is closed indeed, not minimized, we can make flexible use of delay delivery to create a warning when closing Outlook. Here are the specific steps.

  1. To start with click “New Email” in “Home” ribbon to open a new email.
  2. In the “To” field, lest unnecessary troubles, we had better enter our own email address.
  3. Then in the “subject” field, we could enter some warning-like words, such as “Not Close Outlook Accidentally”.
  4. Next click “Options” tab.Delay Delivery to Force a Warning to Prevent Accidental Closing Outlook
  5. Click “Delay Delivery” button and select a future date in the “Do not deliver before” field. A year or so is highly recommended.
  6. Finally send the message, and it will be in Outbox. Every time when we close Outlook, a warning will display.Warning when exiting Outlook

Take Effectual Measures to Restore Outlook Files

Unquestionably, closing Outlook improperly will lead to Outlook crashes. Although we do click “X” to exit Outlook, frequent closing Outlook by accident will also trigger several errors. Once confronted with crashes, we should take effectual measures to restore corrupted files. The best choice is to employ a third party tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair, which is designed to repair PST files. It can minimize data corruption and loss.

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