How to Prevent 4 Common Types of Data Losses

Data loss has plagued millions of computer users. This article will focus on the 4 common types of data losses. If you are subject to it, you will be enlightened by the suggested precautions.

With respect to preventing data loss, data backups must occur to our minds. Well, it is indeed one of the most universal precautions. For instance, as long as we back up our PST files, we can recover Outlook data like a breeze. Actually aside from backups, here are some additional dedicated precautions depending on the varying types of data losses.

Data Losses

1. Data Corruptions

Without a doubt, for the majority of computer users, one common reason of data loss is data corruption, such as the corruptions of PST file, Word documents and other larger files. More often than not, this issue occurs from the software error or abrupt power failures. For example, when a computer is reading or writing data, the errors or power failure interrupt its working, which will result in data corruption.

Precautions: In order to avoid this kind of data corruption, you should keep the habit to shut down software and computer properly. Never force quit them. In addition, to protect the data backed up on external hard drives, you should bear in mind to disconnect the drive after completing backups.

2. Virus Infections

For home users, data loss from virus infections may seldom occur. However, in terms of businesses, no matter small firms or big enterprises, virus infection can take place frequently. Also, in recent years, cyber criminals’ target is not only the raw data but also the data backups. So it is imperative to take sufficient measures to prevent it.

Precautions: Apparently, you should invest in reliable and up-to-date antivirus software, potent firewall as well as other security solutions. Furthermore, you should never trust in the files or links from unknown sources, like the embedded links in unrecognized emails even though they appear to be innocuous.

3. Hard Drive Failures

Hard drive failure is usually the most knotty factors which can lead to permanent data losses readily. In my previous article – “How to Deal with 3 Common Types of Hard Drive Failures”, I have introduced the 3 common failure cases, including the failure in detecting hard drive, bad sectors in the drive and physical damages in the drive. Plus, the corresponding solutions have been offered. But apart from the approaches, we should learn some precautions, too.

Precautions: To prevent physical damages, you should take care of the hard drive. Never knock it. Additionally, place the drive in the suitable environment with appropriate temperature and humidity. In addition, keep checking the hard drive periodically.

4. RAID Server Failures

When it comes to RAID failures, multiple computer users will feel it strange. It is sure that most individuals never come cross this kind of data loss. However, it has plagued numerous businesses for a long time. The RAID failures can happen if a RAID rebuilding malfunctions or if several server drives fail simultaneously.

Precautions: The RAID server failure is much more complicated than the former three ones. The unique means to prevent this kind of data loss is to follow all the regulated rebuilding steps sternly. What’s more, businesses should keep at least one backup of their critical digital assets offsite, which can reduce the loss from RAID failures and prevent it from impacting business normal operations.

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