Practical Tips to Help you Organize Emails in Outlook

Many of us who use Outlook for both business features-email-organizeandassignand personal email are at times overwhelmed by the deluge of emails we receive in the inbox. Add to emails that are useful, we also receive a bunch of promotional or spam emails that add to the overall unnecessary clutter in the mailbox. Given the scenario, organizing emails in Outlook requires a great deal of thought and use of features available in Outlook. In this article we attempt to provide you with some innovative tips to help you properly manage your emails.


Create Multiple Profiles in Outlook to Separate Work and Personal Emails

At the very outset you should understand that a lot of clutter that you find in the Outlook Inbox is a direct result of all kinds of emails finding a place in it. So you can start by creating different profiles for business and personal emails and in one go reduce the volume of email in one profile by a large extent.


Create Subfolders to Organize Emails Related to a Project or Client

In case you tend to receive a large number of emails related to a project or from a specific client, you can create a separate folder to keep such emails. In fact you can create a rule in Outlook where emails related to certain project are directly moved to the designated folder.


Enforcing Rules to Sort Emails

One of the easiest ways to sort your email clutter involves use of rules to handle emails as they reach your inbox. To start with you can create rules to flag messages that meet a certain keyword. Similarly messages of certain type can be moved into specific folders or forwarded to a public group. You can even create a rule to display an alert message when you receive an email from an important individual, say your boss or a prime client. Apart from standard rules that are available in Outlook, you also have the flexibility to create custom rules to address specific needs.


Newer Versions of Outlook Offer you Much More

In the latest iterations of Outlook you could find conversations being grouped together. This allows you the chance to view a whole series of email exchanges at one place. With the help of rules you can in fact shift entire conversations to another place.


Avoid PST Errors to Save your Email Data Stored in Outlook Folders

While using the Outlook application you may encounter an occasional error message. Some of these error messages do not relate to a critical flaw and can be safely ignored. However if you have been encountering PST Error messages in Outlook then you should immediately grab hold of a pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair which can help your retrieve your emails in case the Outlook application crashes. This versatile application is capable of getting back all Outlook elements in the least possible time and its recovery capacity is highest in its class.


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