Practical Tips to Help you Launch Marketing Campaigns though Business Contact Manager for Outlook

The Business Contactcontact-manager Manager is Outlook is designed to work like any regular CRM tool and thus is immensely suitable to be used for marketing outreach. The fact it is integrated within Outlook makes the idea of launching campaigns even more attractive as you can use the existing mail templates present in Outlook and even access the Outlook contact list. Let’s look at some practical tips by which you can exploit the BCM feature for launching campaigns.


Decide the Audience you Wish to Reach Out to

Before launching a marketing campaign you need to first decide upon the audience you plan to reach out to. For starters you need to identify the Business Contacts or leads that you wish to reach out and then filter the list based on your parameters. BCM offers you a highly versatile Filter Business Contacts screen where you can input your qualifying criteria to sort the contacts.


Create your Marketing Material in Word or Publisher

Now if you are looking to send across an email to whole bunch of people you would first need to create the template. You can either choose to create the same in Ms Word or Publisher and then save it as an Outlook template. Alternately there are several email templates custom designed for Outlook available on the internet for free, which you can modify to your taste. Before you launch a campaign, make it point to duly enter the campaign code along with the correct budgeted cost in the BCM tool.


Track the Campaign Variables

Once you have initiated the marketing campaign, there would come a time where you would wish to track results. The Business Contact Manager for Outlook offers you Track page for any activity you launch and along with the Analysis tab present in the Marketing workspace, it gives you a bird eye view of how the campaign is progressing. Also you can use Gadgets to get a quick graphical view of the status. Some of them like Campaign Analysis along with Campaign Comparison gadgets can come rather handy.


Protecting the data stored in BCM is critical for every small business owner

If you are using the Business Contact Manager for managing marketing outreach of your small business or manage your projects through it, then it is highly critical that you protect the data present in it. While you may be under the impression that the data is perfectly safe, the same does not hold true in case of an Outlook crash. Incidentally a PST related Outlook crash can drastically compromise all data stored in the BCM feature and only a pst recovery application like DataNumen Outlook Repair can dig you out of the mess. Owing to its state of the art recovery algorithm, you can be assured of getting back your lost data in virtually no time. Moreover the application has near perfect recovery rate for emails stored in any format including HTML.


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