Plan a schedule to clean your Junk folder in Ms Outlook

The Junk folder in Outlook should not be left to get bloated but needs to be periodically cleaned in a planned manner.

Plan a schedule to clean your Junk folder in Ms Outlook

Are you one of those people who love working on MS Outlook but hate to deal with all the spam that often clutters your inbox? Well, then you are amongst the majority of people who are still getting bugged up by the problem of spam which ends up consuming a significant amount of disk space. The most effective solution for your problem involves fixing a schedule to clean your Junk folder in MS Outlook. In this article learn how to schedule junk folder clean ups regularly to avoid phishing emails, scam spammers and other unwanted emails that often land up in your Inbox.

Now, before we teach you the exact method of how to schedule a cleanup of your Outlook Junk Folder, let us first throw some light on why actually is it needed at the first place? Bear in mind that the habit of clearing the Junk email folder regularly is very essential particularly when you are using Outlook for your professional work. Firstly, because when you go to the Junk folder to clean it up, you get to see any important email that by mistake has been added in the Junk folder and you can give your attention to it. Secondly, you can actually check at once if all the mails in the Junk folder are spam emails and remove them before they hamper your Outlook or system at large.

It might appear very exciting to see the growing number of emails in your Inbox on a daily basis but this is exactly not a think to get excited about because half of them might be spam emails. So, it is always better to route them to the junk folder to create not just more space in your main inbox but also to do instant action on the unwanted emails. The best way to plan a schedule clean up for Junk folder is to clear or delete it on a daily basis, as this way, you will no longer get heaps of junk emails in a folder. Moreover, once you get into the practice of clearing the junk folder daily, you will get to actually respond to some incorrectly junked emails on the right time that otherwise might get delayed due to wrong dumping in the junk folder.

So, now we assume you will not take your MS Outlook Junk folder lightly and plan a schedule to clean up this folder regularly for a smooth and better operation of your emails. Why repent later for not replying to an important business email from a potential client due to negligence in dealing with the junk folder, when you can adopt the easy and quick habit of cleaning the junk folder on a regular basis? Moreover, you save a lot of time that otherwise might get wasted when you will have to search through a heap of junk emails left ignored over weeks and months.

Keeping a recovery and backup tool is important for Outlook home users

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