Part of a growing small business – learn the areas where you may need to opt for a database

In this article we look several areas where a database can make a significant difference in the operations of a small business

Key Areas Where Databases Can Boost A Small BusinessIf you own a small business and are thinking of ways to boost it, then think about using a database! Yes, a database can help you run your business in a better and more organized way by storing not just all the crucial business data but also by simplifying different tasks required in running a small business. The biggest benefit of using a database is that it helps small business owners track not just their clients but also their employees and inventory. Read on to learn about the areas where you may need to opt for a database to grow your small business.

  1. Personnel (HR) Database: One of the biggest benefits of using a database in a small business is that it helps managing the employee information in the simplest way for an easy access and by doing so, it helps eliminating chances of any type of payroll errors. Usually, a small business owner using a database uses it for storing employee related information like salary, commission, tax rates, accrued vacation time, hourly wages and designation. Apart from this, a database can also store information like retirement account and health insurance. On top of it, there is also a facility to link up two or more databases together to manage an association between personnel database and CRM database for a sales representative.
  1. Proper Customer Management: Second major benefit of using a database in a small business is that it helps establishing proper customer management. A good database is capable of organizing all the crucial information about the company like its leads, clients, accounts and business opportunities in a compact manner for an easy access. This is not all; a database helps managing all sorts of promotions and marketing techniques by exporting email addresses of the clients and also by preparing shipping labels too.
  1. Analysis: Another way in which a database can help boosting a small business is by using its resources for thorough analysis of data to predict the future trends in business. In other words, using its powerful reporting features, a database can help give you a detailed analysis of how a sales promotion increased the sales of a product along with the customer behavior, so that required changes can be done in business when required to boost the sales.
  1. Inventory Tracking: Last of all; a database helps in inventory tracking and through it a small business owner can get to know about the current status of the inventory in the warehouse or in the store room. You will be able to use integrated bar codes along with scanners to establish a complete tracking system to monitor products when they are moved from one location to another. This is not all; a good database is powerful enough to alert you when the products or supplies are running short on an order, so that you can order more on time without any business loss.

SQL Server is the best database for small businesses due to its overall ease of use

Microsoft Sql ServerDeploying SQL Server database in a small business is ideal owing to its ease of use and easy installation process. Owing to the availability of free SQL Server Express edition, small businesses can easily look forward to using this powerful database application without spending a fortune.

However while using SQL Server, one need to be aware of the chances of SQL crashes and this keep a sql recovery tool like DataNumen SQL Recovery application handy. This sophisticated and intuitive application can deal with an array of SQL issues and immediately recover data from a compromised SQL Server file with ease. The tool is capable of handling several kinds of storage media and offers the best recovery rate in its class.

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